These English to Malay Translation Video Game Titles Amused Us (Part 2)

By Intan Mawarni on Apr 13, 2018

Yesterday, we listed ten famous English video game titles translated into Malay language for your pure entertainment (and ours as well). We know there are many video game titles that you would like to see it in Malay language so let’s make it happen, shall we? Take a look on another Malaynised video game titles below:

1. Monster Hunter

Are you the ultimate “Pemburu Raksasa”? Monster Hunter World is huge since its launch and here are some big updates for the game you don’t want to miss (hint: Deviljho).

2. Night in the Woods

The Malay translation for Night in the Woods is “Suatu Malam Dalam Hutan” which sounds like creepy Malay horror movie title. Check out this top indie game which is out now for Nintendo Switch.

3. Undertale

This famous indie sensation has many choices that could lead to different dialogues in “Bawah Cerita”. Get ready to play this fan-favourite game in Nintendo Switch and PS4 as well as PS Vita soon.

4. Devil May Cry

Dante is one handsome devil but he’s the “Syaitan Mungkin Nangis”. Devil have feelings too, okay? *sobs*

5. Fortnite

The game’s literal English to Malay translation is “Dua Minggu”. I’m still waiting for Fortnite’s Android release though...

6. Grand Theft Auto 

There are so many crimes you can do in “Pencurian Mewah Automatik” and one of them is thievery. It’s no surprise that Grand Theft Auto 5 managed to steal the best-selling entertainment product of all-time title from other media.

7. Silent Hill

I absolutely DON’T want to be stuck in “Bukit Sepi”. Although P.T Silent Hills has been cancelled, the jumpscares still gets me to this day.

8. Half-Life

If you’re still waiting for the third game of “Separuh Nyawa”, drop the anticipation. It’s not happening but you still can enjoy the theory when Half-Life 3 is going to be release.

9. Uncharted

Nathan Drake is so energetic to climb up all these “Tidak Tercarta” places to find treasure.

10. Mobile Legends

Welcome to “Lagenda Telefon Bimbit”! Good news for Mobile Legends fans: Mobile Legends Professional League is about to go down at 1Utama Shopping Center today!

If your favourite video games still hasn’t appeared in this list, drop us your suggestions on Facebook or tweet us on Twitter.

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