These could be the strongest champions in the current League of Legends meta

By Kurtis Chan on Jan 19, 2017

The League of Legends Championship Series Korea (LCK) just concluded its first week of action with the brand new pick and ban phase introduced by Riot Games, with both teams battling now will have to ban up to 10 champions instead of the usual 6. The LCK starts earlier than other major League regions every split and they are always said to be the meta setter in determining which champions are the most powerful. Here is a list of the 100% picked and banned in 10 games of the first week of LCK matches:

6. Zyra

Zyra is one of the preferred support picks now since last year itself due to her insane amount of poke damage in lane and crowd control she can lash out. She currently has a 100% win rate over the 6 games that she was picked.

5. Maokai

The tough tree has shown to be quite strong in the new season. He is a fairly easy to use champion but has strong kit up his branches, with his point and click root and his ultimate ability that mitigates damage for teammates and himself, Maokai will be a high priority pick for top laners in other regions as well.

Maokai was banned 6 times out of 10 games, and has only loss one game in the 4 he was played.

4. Ryze

Ryze is a very strong champion with his lane pushing abilities that allows him to help gank other lanes. His 2 second point and click root is also very fearsome in picking out of position champions. Therefore, he was only picked 3 times and was banned out 7 times, with only 1 loss.

The only surprising thing about Ryze is the world's best League of Legends player, Faker decided to ban Ryze for his games as Ryze is one of his signature champions with a skin dedicated to Faker himself 

3. Rengar

The ferocious kitty just got its rework back in the preseason and he is somewhat overpowered now. His new Q grants him a brand new chase potential with gap closer and low cooldowns and he can now be immune to crowd control effects like stuns for 1.5 seconds which is a big deal for Rengar since he can deal tons of damage in a short amount of time.

Rengar made 3 appearances and has a 100% win rate. With that said, Rengar is too strong to be left lurking around Summoner's Rift and thus was banned for 7 games.

1. Camille and LeBlanc

Both of these champions shares the top spot in our list as both of them received a whopping 9 games ban and won they only games they appeared in. LeBlanc recorded a slightly more impressive stats with bbq Olivers' mid-laner, Tempt carrying his team with 10 kills and 0 deaths.

Camille is the latest champion added into the game and she is pretty strong at the moment, with her ability to stun and lock down an enemy champion in an AoE, and not to mention she can also deal true damage, which makes her truly a beast in the top lane. She was played by Samsung Galaxy's top laner, CuVee with the score of 7/2/3. Check out the highlights of the game below.


So with this list of champions, we hope summoners will have an idea of what champions to pick up or maybe ban out next time in a ranked game to climb up in ranks. See you on the Rift!


Source: Games of Legends



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