The Uncharted Legacy Of Passion Republic And Lemon Sky

By Nicolas See Tho on Sep 28, 2017

Earlier today, we had the fortune of meeting up with two local studio houses who have worked on the latest Uncharted: Lost Legacy, which is one of the latest exclusive titles for the PlayStation 4. Passion Republic and Lemon Sky open up on their experience working hand in hand with Naughty Dog and how their project pipeline works.

Passion Republic
Passion Republic

But before we head into that, let's take a look at the background behind these studios. Passion Republic has lived by this motto "Great craftsmanship and the spirit of pushing the limits", each day, and their team is among one of the most passionate in the video game industry. Their goal is to nurture and grow a bigger, stronger and more sustainable game development ecosystem in Malaysia. To date, they have been working with Sony since 2013 and have contributed to some of the exclusive PS4 titles we have seen thus far such as Drawn to Death, Shadow of the Beast, Nier: Automata and the Uncharted Series.

Lemon Sky
Lemon Sky

Lemon Sky is a team of individuals which prides itself on being able to produce and deliver cutting-edge visual content as well as holding a deeply ingrained understanding of the video game industry in-and-outs. This is how they became Malaysia's leading CGI design studio and is said to be one of the regions best. They tailor their client's needs and visions converting them into tangible assets through their passionate and detailed artists and modelers. Lemon Sky has worked on brands such as Bandai Namco, Sony, Microsoft Studios, Disney, Activision, Square Enix, EA, Capcom, and much more.

Moving on to their involvement with Uncharted: Lost Legacy, Passion Republic has contributed to the title by designing many of the treasures, and collectibles found within the game as well as some of the interactive assets while helping out with the creative team from Naughty Dog on story beat development to create and visualize the storyline process. Lemon Sky on the other hand, was tasked with 3D Modeling environment props, 3D Modeling treasure props.

During their presentation, they explained how their modeling process worked starting out with a detailed understanding of the client's direction, then proceeding to heavy research and development, whereby they have to ensure that their created assets are believable and proper. After that, they move on to creating a high poly model(seen in the image below), which is a highly detailed mesh which is based in detail on the asset reference. When that process has been done, they then move to rendering the in-game model which makes use of the high poly model topography for an accurate render. The final game model is then finished using an industry grade rendering workflow and program which finalizes the product with aging and weathering touchups.

A sample of the high poly model being used
A sample of the high poly model being used

As for Passion Republic, they gave a detailed presentation on their experiences working with Naughty Dog on the game. Fast facts, Passion Republic were given the last minute rush job whereby the art director of Naughty Dog, Erik Pangilinan had called upon them to help with creating some of the in-game assets. As such, you can see some of their works being shown in the game today, such as the moment when the main character was revealed in last year's PSX trailer.


In conclusion, both these studios have done Malaysia proud, and they are the nations frontier in the video gaming development industry. We hope that through these exemplary works, we can see that more quality studios continue to pop up and contribute in popular game titles in the near future. 



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