The Top 10 New Fighters We Want For Super Smash Bros Switch

By Dale Bashir on Mar 27, 2018

The absolute best part when getting a new Smash is the hype for new characters coming to the game. Nintendo has a vast pantheon of characters and IPs that can really add fuel to the hype train. In more recent years, they've been more open to the inclusion of 2nd and 3rd party characters like Bayonetta and Cloud Strife. Thanks to this, the possibilities are endless.

While many of us are wishing for our favorite characters across gaming to make an appearance, here are our top 10 picks for new challengers in Smash Bros. for the Switch:

  1. Donkey Kong Jr.

While there has been many Kongs in the Donkey Kong franchise, one Kong that has been kicked to the curb has been Donkey Kong Jr. Many believe that the current DK IS Donkey Kong Jr. and that Cranky Kong is the original Donkey Kong; but that's a whole other mess altogether. Smash is known for bringing obscure characters back to life like Pit, the ice Climbers and Duck Hunt Dog. So this would be the perfect opportunity for good ol' DK Jr.

  1. Dark Samus

There a lot of "dark" versions of Nintendo characters; Mario has Wario, Link has Dark Link. This is why many people were furious that Dark Pit got a character slot last time, when in fact, Dark Samus had a bigger impact on her good counterpart. She's been a recurring antagonist in the Metroid Prime series of games, appearing in all 3. With a 4th game coming soon to Nintendo Switch, we hope Dark Samus will be more than an Assist trophy this time around.

  1. Travis Touchdown

People have always thought of Nintendo as a family-oriented company, and yet the company has skirted around with more risqué material. None is more risqué than Suda51's trash talking, beam-katana wielding otaku, Travis Touchdown. Also another character that's getting a sequel on the Nintendo Switch, Travis first appeared in No More Heroes for the Wii, allowing players to swing his laser sword with the Wiimote, slicing enemies in real time. There may be a lot of sword wielders in Smash, but Travis has the chops to take them all down.

  1. Dovahkiin

Now this would be a great surprise! With Smash being filled to the brim with gaming icons like Sonic, Mario and Pacman, a modern icon like the Dovahkiin deserves to stand side-by-side with them. More people have probably played Skyrim than Earthbound and I think he'd make for a very interesting fighter. For starters, he'll have multiple skins for different races and gender, has access to a bunch of Dragon Shouts, and has more weapons than Link. It'll be a glorious day when we get to Fus Roh Dah Luigi to the depths of Hell.

  1. Zero

Who can forget the first time they saw Zero; blasting his way to the scene, saving you the player, as X, who's being clutched by the evil Vile. Zero was created as a foil to Megaman X, as a motivational tool for players to want to be as strong as him. He certainly did make an impact in his first 3 appearances on the SNES, with him even becoming playable from the 3rd game onwards. He's been a regular fighter in the Marvel vs. Capcom series, yet he seems to be a better fit in Smash Bros.

  1. Decidueye

WE NEED A GRASS STARTER IN SMASH. We have Water and Fire starters in the form of Greninja and Charizard, icons like Pikachu and Mewtwo being around from the series start, it's about time we get a cool Grass starter in Smash. Other good candidates would be Chesnaught or Sceptile, but for my money, I'm willing to bet on Decidueye making an appearance. It's a cool, Grass/Ghost-type archer, able to snipe enemies from far away with his leaf arrows. It's a playable Pokemon in Pokken, it should be no surprise if he crosses over to Smash.

  1. Prince Sidon

While most people would vote for one of the four Champions from Breath of the Wild, I would say that the current heir to the Zora throne, Prince Sidon, has made a bigger impact than his predecessors. He guides Link to the Zora's Domain and helps him in taking down the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. Armed with a spear, Shock arrows and his amazing swimming abilities, Prince Sidon would bring an interesting flavour to Smash, as well as being the first Zora to be playable in a fighting game. He's certainly has been a hit on the Internet, and is sure to make a splash in Smash.

  1. Twintelle

Another crowd favorite when ARMS hit the scene, most people have compared her to being the Beyonce of the ARMS universe. While Smash is no slouch in having female characters in their games, Twintelle would spice up the roster, and is definitely a better choice than the series mascot Spring Man. Like most fighters, she springs boxing gloves to her opponents to attack. But what makes Twintelle awesome is that instead of using her actual arms, she uses her hair to fight, launching them across the battlefield to wallop her opponent. Bayonetta better watch out when this hair heroine steps into the fray.

  1. Captain Toad

It's been 4 Smash games and Toad hasn't moved up from being a background character or as Peach's Neutral-B. Maybe the usual Toad just didn't stand out enough, and maybe Nintendo thought so too, that's why they have Captain Toad, first appearing in Mario Galaxy and now has his own video game. Like the Little Engine That Could, he's a slow moving character with a lot of heart. He can throw turnips and swing his backpack around, for his Final Smash he could summon his mine cart and annihilate his opponents.

  1. Sora

JRPGs have made quite a place for themselves in the Smash roster, with Cloud from Final Fantasy VII making a surprise appearance on Smash 4, Shulk showing off his Monado skills, and almost the entire Fire Emblem series taking up roster spaces. The king of JRPG crossovers should definitely come to the Smash, Sora has appeared in as many Nintendo systems as he has in any other consoles and should definitely come to Smash. While Kingdom Hearts 3 may never come to the Switch, this would be a good consolation. He's got a Keyblade, magic spells, and a lot of heart for sure, he can definitely fit in with the likes of Mario, Link and Pikachu. Not a day goes by where I don't wish Sora comes to Super Smash Bros.

There are probably a million other suggestions we could make on who could be in Smash, but what matters in the end is that Super Smash Bros. for the Switch remain as awesome and as entertaining as we all hope it will be. Any other characters do you think deserves to be in the list?

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