The Top 10 New Features We Want For Super Smash Bros Switch

By Dale Bashir on Mar 27, 2018

Though Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS and Wii U were top-notch Smash games and probably the definitive way to play Smash in this day and age, it was no secret that it was lacking in a few features, especially in comparison to Brawl and Melee. While more characters and stages are great, here are our top 10 picks for new features in the upcoming Smash Bros. for the Switch:

  1. More 8-Player Modes

Smash Bros. on the Wii U really innovated by doubling up on the amount of players that can play at once. While this was an innovation in and of itself, it was slightly limited in the modes you can play, being only open to regular Smash, Team Smash and Coin Battles. This also extended to 5, 6, and 7 player modes. With 4 players you could play all kinds of games, like Home Run Contests and Multi-Man Smash. Smash might have a strong tournament presence, it'd be nice to see Nintendo put a little emphasis on the party play.

  1. A Better Smash Tour

Smash Tour was touted as Mario Party meets Smash Bros, but ended up being much more tame than that. Mario Party is already a riot that can end friendships and switching the minigames with Smash battles sounded like a dream come true. A better Smash Tour that offered exactly this would definitely make this a must-have feature.

  1. The Great Trophy Offensive

Collecting trophies have always been a hallmark of Smash, collecting little figurines of game characters beyond Smash is a nice treat. There has been many ways of getting trophies; from just collecting them as you battle, minigames, and even a mode called Trophy Rush, where the goal was to only get trophies from falling crates. If this mode was expanded to be a full-blown explorable dungeon, like the one in The Great Cave Offensive mode in Kirby Super Star,  it’d really add a whole new way to play. The Great Cave Offensive was also a stage in Smash Wii U, maybe a sign of things to come?

  1. Revamped Tournament Mode

While there was an online Tournament Mode for Smash 4, previous games had this offline. With customisable rules, either in round-robin style or elimination, it was sad that it was only online and never implemented the 8-player mechanic. With the Switch being portable, it would also benefit with the professional players, with pros bringing in their own Switches to a tournament, and docking them to battle.

  1. Better Online Play

Smash Wii U's online mode was a little limited, only having a For Fun or For Glory mode. For Fun was supposedly for "casual" players, with items on and stages with gimmicks, making for a "fun" time. For Glory was a serious affair, with players having rankings, only being able to play on Final Destination or Omega versions of stages, meaning only a flat plane with no gimmicks. Overall it was a mess and fans weren't too happy with them. Here's hoping that Nintendo fixes the online play for the next Smash.

  1. A Different Kind of Customisation

Smash's customisation was not really what people wanted since it was mostly the customisation of moves and a handful of Mii characters you could make. In the end, all the customisation was put aside since they weren't allowed in tournament play. What we propose would be a customisation similar to Tekken or Soulcalibur, where it's only cosmetic. The colour options for the characters this time around were nice, it would be great to do all kinds of custom palette swaps. Little Mac and Wario should not be the only characters with more than 8 costumes!

  1. Boss Rush

Despite not having an adventure, Smash 4 actually managed to introduce a couple of new bosses. With Metal Face from Xenoblade, Yellow Devil from Megaman, Ridley from Metroid, the number of possible bosses are endless. Returning bosses Master Hand and Crazy Hand even had their own modes in Smash for the Wii U. With all these bosses, it would be nice to bring back Boss Battles Mode from Brawl. It will also be great if it was a 4-player coop mode, that would really provide a fun challenge for all.

  1. Smash Run

Smash Run was the only thing close to a side-scrolling Adventure Mode to be in Smash 4 and it was exclusive to the 3DS version of the game. In it, 4-players must explore and defeat enemies to increase their stats for 5 minutes. After the time is up, players must battle it out or do certain challenges to see who ranks supreme. This mode was based on the City Trial mode from Kirby Air Ride, another creation of Masahiro Sakurai. This is a really fun mode that provided more challenge than just beating each other up, here’s hoping it makes a comeback.

  1. Adventure Mode

Melee's Adventure Mode, the player gets to play through a side-scrolling adventure through all of Nintendo's featured games, from a level in the Mushroom Kingdom, to an underground maze in Hyrule. The mode shows off all of the best parts of Nintendo's franchises and brings a whole new way to enjoy Smash. Brawl cranks it up a notch with Subspace Emissary, an adventure mode with a story this time around, giving Nintendo's All-Stars a chance to come together and defeat a common enemy. It will be great if Smash for the Switch brings its own version of Adventure Mode, in one way or another.

  1. Switching Characters

With Nintendo games that have the console's name on the title, it will usually have a gimmick or two that reflect the console's special features in a way. For example, Super Mario Bros Wii had a few motion control segments. For the Switch version of Smash, we're hoping that they'll bring a whole new mechanic: Tag Team. Similar to how in Marvel VS Capcom, you could bring in 3 characters at a time, we're certain that this mechanic might just be the new hotness with this Smash. This mechanic is indeed possible as it was seen in Smash Tour, where you could have different characters as different stocks, changing your fighter as you die.

Overall, a new Smash Bros. is a massive event and gamers from all across the globe are shaking in anticipation on what the new Smash entails. I’m sure whatever Nintendo comes up with, we won’t be disappointed.

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