The Top 10 items I wanna unlock in my 37 Overwatch Lunar New Year Loot Box opening

By Kurtis Chan on Feb 13, 2017

Overwatch Year of the Rooster event is coming to an end soon and I still have many items that I want to get my hands on before it's too late. So, I decided to buy 24 loot boxes, which cost me exactly RM88.92 (heart aches a little), adding to the 13 loot boxes I got for leveling up. I've crossed off Chang'E Mei, Sanzang Zenyatta, Rooster Bastion, and the Junkrat Dud emote from my shopping list prior to the 37 loot box opening. Here are the top 10 remaining items that I'm still missing from Year of the Rooster and hoping to get from these loot boxes: 

1. Palanquin D.Va skin


This skin is an absolutely must have for me. Look at how traditionally decorated D.Va's mech became and not to mention D.Va is dressed in a shorten Korean traditional outfit. The only thing missing for D.Va is a Year of the Rooster voice line that says happy new year in Korean.

2. Bajie Roadhog skin


Another skin that I can't afford to miss out on. The resemblance between Bajie Roadhog and the Original Zhu Bajie from Journey to the West is very very close. Even the shape of Roadhog's hook is changed to look like the weapon Zhu Bajie uses in the legend, though i don't know why the word which translates to "can/ able" in English is added to his hook. Maybe he's trying to say that he can kill anyone with it?

3. Roadhog Feast Highlight Intro


Image result for roadhog feast gif
Image result for roadhog feast gif

This is the best highlight intro designed by Blizzard so far. As you can see, Roadhog is satiated with all the Chinese cuisine he stuffed into his big, fat belly and falls asleep even before finishing the steamed buns he held in his hand. I like this highlight intro a lot due to the fact that Roadhog looks so at peace, living life to its fullest. Eat, sleep, hook, kill, repeat.

4. Wukong Winston skin


This is the second skin that Winston received for an event. The Yeti one was a crowd favorite since he did not receive anything in the Summer Games and Halloween. In my opinion, the Wukong Winston skin is so much better than the Yeti one where he dressed like the protagonist of Journey to the West, Sun Wukong, total bad-ass! By the way, his weapon design is also based on Sun Wukong's legendary golden staff- 'Ruyi Jingu Bang', although the original one does not shoot out electricity. The only thing i dislike about this skin is his specs which doesn't fit the skin at all. Someone give him a pair of contact lenses please.

5. Mercy Fortune Highlight Intro


Image result for overwatch mercy fortune gif
Image result for overwatch mercy fortune gif

Arguably the best highlight intro for Mercy, and the only one that has fast-paced, complicated movements. The best thing that has happened to this highlight intro is that it turned into a meme. People edited this highlight intro to show Mercy drawing the Disney Channel logo and the best one in my opinion, send nudes. Initially, I still preferred the old Battle Angel one but the memes were too hard to resist.

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