The Road to TGS: Square Enix's Presentation

By Dale Bashir on Sep 19, 2017

Square Enix is giving their all for their stage shows and show floor demos this year, with big milestones like the Final Fantasy franchise's 30th Anniversary and a plethora of games and activities to celebrate the occasion.

Playable Demos

Square Enix is keeping their offerings light with only a handful of titles being able to be played on the show floor.

Through their partnership with Bethesda in distributing the game in Japan, Square Enix is having playable demos of Shinji Mikami's highly anticipated, horror survival game, Evil Within 2.

To celebrate and commemorate the 30th anniversary of both franchises, Square Enix is releasing Itadaki Street Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary. Join your favorite RPG heroes like Cloud, Tidus, and Squall as they circle a board and buy property in the next installment of this hit virtual board game series.

Dissidia NT has been shown off in every major gaming event to date, and Tokyo Game Show is no different. Square Enix's 3-on-3 Final Fantasy fighting game is having the demo available for attendees to play and is perfect for those who didn't get their hands on the closed beta.

Square Enix Presents

Square Enix's main event will kick off on the 21st of September with a teaser of all the things to come. Throughout Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix will be showcasing a ton of things, mostly related to Final Fantasy's 30th Anniversary. First up is the Active Time Report of Final Fantasy XV by game director Hajime Tabata and other key members of the team, announcing and reporting on all things new about Final Fantasy XV.

Itadaki Street Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary is up next on the spotlight with character reveals and live gameplay with game producer Takuma Shiraishi. 

Other things of note include the Secret of Mana remake showcase, with a full review of differences between the original and the remake with Masaru Oyamada, the game's producer and a couple of guests.

The latest title by Tokyo RPG Factory after their previous game I Am Setsuna, their new game, Lost Sphear implements a new ATB 2.0 battle system, new mech battles and utilizing a new mechanic called "The Power of Memories".

Noctis is also announced for Dissidia NT. More of his gameplay might be shown off during the Dissidia NT segment of the live presentation.

Square Enix will end their showcase with a celebration of Final Fantasy's 30th anniversary with announcements for projects that will commemorate the milestone. 

Overall, Square Enix is celebrating their company's legacy this year with all kinds of games from across their great JRPG history.

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