The Road to TGS: Sony's Presentation and Press Conference

By Dale Bashir on Sep 19, 2017

Sony hit the home run with the multitude of titles announced for their PlayStation 4 and Playstation VR systems. The press conference held today and can be seen above showed off all the upcoming games for Sony's consoles.

Hardware and Accessories

A new Gran Turismo Sport themed PS4 will be released to coincide with the game with a nice silver finish.


A Call of Duty: World War II camo deco PS4 Pro is coming along as well.

 A slew of new controllers with crystal clear casing is coming and harkens back to the good ol' PS2 days. A shimmering gray and navy blue variant of the controller is coming as well.

New Game Announcements

A new IP from Square Enix and the director of the Armored Core series stunned the crowd with its amazing visuals and stunning post-apocalyptic settings.

The next installment in D3's hectic run-and-gun game is coming soon to the PS4.

Ports and Remakes

Zidane, Garnet, Vivi and the rest of the FFIX crew are coming to the PS4 and is available now in Japan.

The side-scrolling fantasy beat-em-up is coming to the PS4 as Dragon's Crown Pro with updated visuals and cross-play with the PS Vita. 

The remastered Shadow of Colossus is a gorgeous remake of the PS2 classic and a must-have for PS4 Pro owners.

Playstation VR

Probably the most unpredictable part of the press conference, Neko Atsume, the hit cat-collecting mobile hit, is coming to the PS4 in VR form. Now you can collect all your cute virtual kitties in virtual reality.

Japan Studio VR Music Festival is an interesting concept as it allows for PSVR owners to enjoy live orchestral renditions of their favorite video game tracks in VR, transporting them to a concert hall without leaving the couch.

Anubis Zone of the Enders: Mars is the classic Zone of the Enders that you know and love, enhanced and made to fit PSVR. Reexperience Hideo Kojima's mech classic in a whole new perspective.

Monster Hunter World

It is a no-brainer that Monster Hunter World is the star of this year's Tokyo Game show, with Sony presenting a brand new trailer and the release date, which is January 26th 2018.

There will be a special PS4 Pro Liolaeus Edition that will release before the game's release on December 7th of this year.

A collector's edition with a ton of goodies like an artbook, figurine, and soundtrack CD.

And if you get it digitally, you will also get bonuses that include a samurai armor, a bonus emote, a face tattoo and so much more.

Over the course of TGS , Sony will be presenting a ton of more announcements on upcoming titles that will grace the Playstation line of systems. As for now, Sony is pulling out all the stops for their presentation.


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