The Road to TGS: Konami's Presentation

By Dale Bashir on Sep 19, 2017

For this year's Tokyo Game Show, Konami will be showcasing their games for consoles, mobile and partner titles, which are games that they publish for other 2nd party developers.

Console titles


One of Konami's highlights is Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball Championship 2017. This is a download only, free-to-play baseball game for the PS4, PS3, and Vita. Fans of MLB Power Pros for the Wii should recognize this as the latest incarnation of the Japanese version of the game.


Konami is not done with the Metal Gear series yet with Metal Gear Survive.This zombie survival spin-off is making its way to Tokyo Game Show with two modes for fans to try out. With this game utilizing the MGSV engine, one can only expect fun and intuitive gameplay with this title.


Konami is also showing off their annual football title this year, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 with a brand new 3 v 3 co-op mode available to be played.

Another one of Hideo Kojima's games during his heyday there is being remastered and retitled as Anubis Zone of the Enders: MARS. Recently announced on the Sony Press Conference live stream, Konami is rereleasing Hideo Kojima's mech masterpiece for PS4 with added VR support. This game will be released sometime in 2018

Mobile titles

Time to duel with Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links, the free to play Yu-Gi-Oh card game for mobile is getting some attention in Konami's booth this year as well, showcasing upcoming updates and cards.

A mobile installment in Konami's dating sim franchise, the Love Plus series is making its jump from 3DS to smartphones with Love Plus Every. A playable demo will be available on the show floor.

2nd Party Titles

The highly anticipated third installment to Nihon Falcom's The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel series and the first of the series to be on the PS4, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III is making its playable debut with a demo on the show floor. 

Cyberpunk Bartender Action VA-11 Hall-A is coming to the PS Vita with all of its anime-style, bartending, visual novel flair come together in this cult indie hit. Though most gamers would love to have this game hit consoles, it is for now only available for PC, Mac, Linux and now PS Vita.

Konami looks to tackle the niche with their line-up, find out more about these games as they live stream the event via their Youtube channel.


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