The Power Rangers Will Clash Against Street Fighter In This Year’s Mobile Masters

By Dale Bashir on Jul 9, 2018

The Amazon Mobile Masters Tournament returns this year better than ever, with players all over the world fighting for dominance in the best competitive mobile games out there. Top players from Power Rangers: Legacy War, World of Tanks:Blitz, Survival Arena, and Critical Ops will meet and duke it out to see who comes out on top. Legacy War made quite a splash in 2017’s tournament and seems to be headlining the event this year.

To coincide with the main event, 3 world champions from the biggest fighting game tournament, EVO,  will face off against 3 Power Rangers: Legacy Wars pros. Under Team Capcom Pros and Team Power Rangers All-stars respectively, in an exhibition match right before the Power Rangers: Legacy War Mobile Masters finals.

The two teams will square off in a three vs. three in a best of seven format. The members of Team Capcom Pros are Justin Wong,  seven-time EVO World Champion for Street Fighter; Ryan Ramirez a.k.a Filipino Champ, the winner of 2012’s EVO World Championship; and Martin Phan a.k.a Marn, EVO’s Tatsunoko VS Capcom Champion.

Team Power Rangers All-Stars includes 2 Legacy War champions and an actual Power Ranger. This includes Johnathan Snow, the Legacy War runner-up for last year’s Mobile Masters Tournament; Aaron Zollicoffer a.k.a DTPNIGHT7, a Top 8 finalist from last year’s tournament as well; and Peter Sudarso, who plays Preston Tien, the current Blue Ranger in Power Rangers: Ninja Steel.

The World Warriors from Street Fighter first made their crossover debut in Power Rangers: Legacy War on May 16th 2018. Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy, Guile, M.Bison and Akuma joined the roster as unlockable characters, complete with all their combos and signature moves adapted into Legacy War’s gameplay. This isn’t the first crossover Power Rangers has done as over the years they’ve crossed paths with the Ninja Turtles and even the Justice League.

Watch the exhibition match live on the official Amazon Twitch channel or on the developers of Legacy War, nWay’s Twitch channel on Saturday, June 23rd. Hadoukens or Megazords? It’s time to see who will come out on top, or try the game out yourself on IOS and Android devices.

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