The Overwatch Pacific Championship Season 2 is here! Qualifiers begin on June 20, with two spots for Asia-Pacific teams

By Kin Boon on Jun 9, 2017

The eSports sector for Overwatch might not be reaching the full potential it is capable of yet, but there are plenty of tournaments out there for pro players to hone their skills. One such competition is the Overwatch Pacific Championship (OPC), an official Asia-Pacific Blizzard tournament based in Taiwan, and it’s back for Season 2.

Two open spots are allocated for pro teams in Asia Pacific, and you can sign up for the OPC Season 2 Qualifier starting today, as long as you and your team have more than 4000 in SR. The competition will get underway on June 20, with the top four teams decided via an online tournament. They’ll then have to travel to Taipei for the semifinals and final, which will be played on July 5 and July 6.

If you can’t join the competition, you can always tune into Blizzard Live Channel for live coverage, or you can travel to Taiwan and catch it in person at the Blizzard Estadium. You can find out more about OPC Season 2 on the official site and Blizzard Estadium’s Facebook page.

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