The Outer Worlds Is Making The Trip To Nintendo Switch

By Dale Bashir on Jul 31, 2019

Obsidian Entertainment's highly-anticipated sci-fi role-playing game, The Outer Worlds, will actually be coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime soon. This surprise announcement was made on Nintendo's social media channels, with the game's producer, Matthew Singh, giving an introduction to the game's concept and world. 

Following the footsteps of The Witcher 3 and Skyrim, The Outer Worlds is another huge Western RPG that is coming to the system. Obsidian Entertainment is known for developing Fallout: New Vegas and The Outer Worlds can be seen as a spiritual successor of sorts. In The Outer Worlds, you play as a space explorer who has woken up from cryo-sleep to a world run by mega-corporations. 

The Outer Worlds will be releasing for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 25th, with the Nintendo Switch port coming sometime later this year. The port is being done by Virtuous, who has previously worked on the ports of Dark Souls and LA Noire to the Nintendo Switch. 

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