The option to adjust the sensitivity of aim smoothing is coming to the console version of Overwatch

By Kurtis Chan on Apr 14, 2017

Rejoice Overwatch console players! Blizzard has heard your pleading voices and they are adding in the option to tweak the sensitivity of Aim Smoothing in Overwatch for PS4 and XBox One.

Aim smoothing is also commonly known as Aim Acceleration. What it does is that the game will not allow a linear joystick-angle-to-turn-speed translation, but instead it only allows a gradual acceleration of turning speed. So, if you jam the right analog stick all the way to one side instantly, you might expect to be turning at max turn speed instantly, but it starts off slower and then after a half second reaches that max turn speed.

Overwatch console players have been complaining about not being able to toggle off aim smoothing in Overwatch as it makes precise aiming harder than usual, whereas other console shooters will have aim smoothing turned off by default. 

The Overwatch team has heard the complaints of console players and Overwatch Lead Engineer, Tim Ford mentioned they are implementing the option to adjust the sensitivity of aim smoothing in Overwatch soon. "We hear you loud and clear. We're going to add two options in an upcoming patch. First, we'll add a slider for aim smoothing. It will default to the current smoothing/acceleration in the game today (full smoothing, low acceleration). As you drag it towards zero, you'll get less smoothing (higher acceleration). At zero, smoothing is disabled (instant acceleration)," Ford said.

Furthermore, a new aim technique will also be introduced, called Linear Ramp. "We're also adding a new aim technique to compliment Dual Zone and Exponential Ramp. The new technique is called Linear Ramp. If you use this technique along with disabled aim smoothing, you will rotate commensurate to the angle you deflect the aim stick multiplied by your sensitivity," Ford added.

The aim smoothing option is set to arrive in an upcoming patch, but no ETA was given by the Overwatch team. Hopefully, "upcoming" doesn't mean 3 or 4 more patches later though.

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