The next Dota 2 tournament season will be an exciting one with 22 Majors and Minors

By Kurtis Chan on Aug 3, 2017

About a month ago, Valve made an announcement that they will allow third-party tournament organizers to organize Dota 2 majors for the next tournament season after The International 7. The list of upcoming tournaments is circulating social media, where the number of tournaments and prize pool recorded is nothing like before.

A total of 22 tournaments are scheduled to be held from October 2017 to June 2018, whereby 11 of it are Majors and the remaining are Minors. Minor tournaments will have at least $300,000 prize pool ($150,000 from the organizer, $150,000 from Valve), whereas the Majors will have at least $1 million in prize pool ($500,000 from the organizer, $500,000 from Valve).

Qualifying Points will be awarded based on the total prize pool of a tournament, and whether the tournament is a Major or a Minor, with Majors giving more points per prize pool dollar. The total points per tournament will also partially scale based on the time of year, with tournaments closer to The International awarding additional points.

Qualifying Points will be granted based on placing high in Majors and Minors and will accumulate on individual players. Roster lock seasons will still exist, and players switching teams during the approved periods will retain their Qualifying Points. In order to allow for teams recruiting new entrants to the competitive landscape and to facilitate sometimes necessary roster changes between lock periods, only the top 3 point earners on a team will contribute towards a team’s effective total Qualifying Points.

Here is the list of tournaments that are scheduled to take place next season:

Start Date End Date Major or Minor Total Prize Pool Organizer
11 Oct 15 Oct Minor $300,000 Starladder
19 Oct 22 Oct Minor $300,000 PGL
26 Oct 29 Oct Major $1,000,000 ESL
20 Nov 26 Nov Minor $300,000 Perfect World
1 Dec 3 Dec Major $1,000,000 Dreamhack
4 Dec 10 Dec Minor $300,000 MarsTV
13 Dec 17 Dec Minor $300,000 BTS
12 Jan 14 Jan Minor $300,000 GESC
15 Jan 21 Jan Major $1,000,000 Dreamhack
23 Jan 28 Jan Minor $400,000 ESL
5 Feb 11 Feb Major $1,000,000 PGL
20 Feb 25 Feb Major $1,000,000 ESL
2 Mar 4 Mar Minor $300,000 GESC
8 Mar 11 Mar Major $1,000,000 BTS + NGE
16 Mar 18 Mar Minor $300,000 GESC
30 Mar 7 Apr Major $1,000,000 Perfect World
17 Apr 24 Apr Minor $300,000 Perfect World
27 Apr 7 May Major $1,000,000 Epicenter
11 May 13 May Minor $300,000 GESC
14 May 20 May Major $1,000,000 MarsTV
25 May 27 May Major $1,000,000 ESL
4 Jun 10 Jun Major $1,500,000 PGL

It is definitely a good season to be a Dota 2 pro player. For now, don't forget to catch the top teams in action at The International 7 on their different Twitch channels.

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