The King Of Fighters All Stars Hits Mobile In Japan

By Dale Bashir on Jul 29, 2018

SNK's flagship fighting game is back, this time on smaller screens. The King Of Fighters All Stars is the latest entry in the series and takes the series' roots and turns it into more familiar fare for mobile phones.

This new game is an action RPG, featuring all your favourite KOF All Stars, including Terry Bogard, Geese Howard and more. Produced by Korean game giant, Netmarble, this game aims to cater to fans old and new. All Stars is a side-scrolling, beat-em-up with RPG elements, having your favourite characters fight mobs and bosses using their signature moves. So think of it as a mix of Streets of Rage and Diablo in terms of presentation and controls respectively.

Players can take up to 3 characters onto different stages and level them up as you gain experience from defeating different enemies and facing different challenges. There's more than 20 characters at launch, with more fighters to be added later. You can expect all your favourite characters from King Of Fighters '94 all the way to King of Fighters XIII.

The game is out now for IOS and Android in Japan. No word on an English release but one can expect its success will eventually lead to an international release.

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