The Hours Of Devastation Is Nigh

By Nicolas See Tho on Jul 10, 2017

Once in a while, we like to put our controllers and keyboards down as we partake in games that are analog and physical. To do so, we joined a special pre-release session of the latest expansion set from the Godfather of trading card games, Magic: The Gathering. 

Previously, we were taken into the plane of Amonkhet, whereby our heroes, (The 5 planeswalkers) are met with a land perverted by Nicol Bolas, your not-so-friendly planes walking dragon also part time antagonist. It was within this realm that they saw a new breed of gods which roamed among their subjects. The story thus has led up till the chosen hour, the Hour of Devastation whereby Nicol Bolas, makes his grand return.

In this new, unforgiving set, players will find new mechanics and new cards to supplement their already desert worthy deck with 2 new gameplay updates, and cool 199 cards to update their decks with. The 1st mechanic we got to experiment with is the afflict mechanic, whereby if a creature becomes blocked by anything, it does damage equal to the value stated by the afflict ability. This means that damage is getting through to your enemies regardless of how many weenies they pour out on the board to create a stalemate. We also see the 2nd mechanic, eternalize, which is an upgraded embalm, which instead of bringing back just the creature, it comes back as a 4/4 zombie. This time, those pesky desert cards can now be finally of use, as now there are spells which provide bonuses based on the number of deserts in play.



You will also see some of the cards getting a new upgrade, with Nicol Bolas returning as the awe-inspiring planeswalker and Samut who was a lowly creature now transcended into a planeswalker. This set also introduces 3 new gods, all of which represents the colors of Nicol Bolas, which gives off the hints of his machinations.


The full set releases on 14th July 2017 and for more ways to join the fun, check out your local game store for more information. For more information on the game itself, check out the official website here.





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