The Great Jecht makes his pilgrimage to Dissidia NT

By Dale Bashir on Aug 8, 2017

Prepare your blitzballs and line up your Jehct shots, Braska's Final Aeon is returning to Square Enix's Final Fantasy brawler, Dissidia NT. This legendary warrior is no stranger to Dissidia and has made appearances in the previous two installments. Square Enix announced his return through their Japanese Youtube channel.

The video opens up with Jecht showing off his blitzball moves and just being his usual cocky self. The next shows Jecht battling his son Tidus in Besaid, exactly where Tidus washed up ashore and started his journey with Yuna, Wakka and the gang. He mercilessly and effortlessly throws Tidus around with his giant sword, he also excels in aerial combat and has a move that can counter physical attacks head-on. 

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu also posted a breakdown video of all of Jecht's combos and moves on their Youtube page as well. Showcasing his button prompts and HP attacks, Jecht looks like a solid addition to the cast of fighters in Dissidia NT. With The Emperor from Final Fantasy II joining the game back in March, Exdeath from Final Fantasy V last May, and now Jecht in August, we can only expect another villain character or two to make an appearance (or rather reappearance as they are all returning characters) before the year's end. Dissidia NT is scheduled for release in early 2018 for the PS4.

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