The Future Of Consoles: What Will We See Down The Line

By Nicolas See Tho on Nov 15, 2017

It's always exciting when there is news of new consoles that will be hitting the market especially with all the upcoming advancements of technology, and with console games reaching a new peak once again, the strength of these devices will be put to the test. 

Earlier this year, Sony CEO and President Shawn Layden have stated that the PlayStation 5, the 5th iteration of the beloved console is a definite project, but one which we will not see in the near future. With the PlayStation 4 Pro being the most powerful console on the market now, its competition, the XBox One X is the only real contender in terms of hardware and visual fidelity, while the Nintendo corner moves towards the ergonomic and portable side of the platform. 

But the looming question is, what will we be able to see in newer consoles. 4K gaming has already made its mark on the PC and with more 4K enabled displays being rolled out, it is evident that eventually, 4K will be the new standard to adhere to. This points towards 8K gaming fidelity which as of the present is technically fringe science, as I doubt many gamers will be able to afford the small selection of 8K TVs as well as its limited availability in other regions that are not situated in the west. No doubt, there are games that are getting future proofed for this advancement which can be seen in Gran Turismo Sport which can already support 8K gaming should the suitable device arrive. 

Let's hope we wont continue to look this awkward in the newer iterations of VR wearables.
Let's hope we wont continue to look this awkward in the newer iterations of VR wearables.

We then look towards the rise of VR and its effect on the gaming community. On the Steam platform itself, there are troves of VR games and game creation software for the masses, but with its tall barriers in technology and supporting hardware, it is currently a platform that only the affluent can enjoy. Nevertheless, VR is going to be the future standard as gamers are always looking for ways to get the most immersive experience whenever possible, we can see big game titles such as the Elder Scroll series or Final Fantasy leading this platform at the forefront, with Skyrim VR and Final Fantasy XV being an example of that.

The next feature which future consoles will most likely impact the market would be interactivity, such as the motion tracking, or voice commands that some consoles such as the PlayStation and the XBox are already implementing. We would not be surprised if future games will allow voice commands be added into their systems as part of the player controls, which can be seen in games such as Elite: Dangerous. These features might be gimmicky at first, but with enough exposure, we would soon be talking to our consoles instead of mashing buttons. 

All in all, these are exciting times, as we have rapid progress in gaming technology that we will eventually see these upgrades within our generation and the possibilities are endless. Next year will be a bountiful year for gaming and we can't wait to see what new surprises are in store for all of us.


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