The Fortnite Summer Skirmish Disaster

By Dale Bashir on Jul 20, 2018

On July 11th 2018, Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite announced their Summer Skirmish series of tournaments. The tournament would have been an 8 week tournament, with pro-players and content creators being invited to participate in the skirmish, fighting for the grand prize of $8,000,000 US dollars. The first phase of the tournament started off last weekend and it did not go so well.


During the event, there were many latency issues, awful camera work for spectators, and overall proved to be a boring spectacle. With the latency issues, it was hard for players of the tournament to actually play properly. Everyone playing was experiencing lag and it was even worse for those who were expecting to see their favorite Youtubers or Twitch streamers play against the best players in the world. It also was boring to watch as most players spent their time building and staying out of danger, which led to more players being alive in the late game than usual, which also added to the aforementioned server issues.


It was definitely a disaster to say the least. What was supposed to be 10 rounds of the Summer Skirmish for the weekend, was prematurely cut short to four due to all these issues. Hence there was no winner. In an official post-mortem of the first Summer Skirmish, Epic has clarified what went wrong and how they aim to fix the issues. Even though their first foray into organising official tournaments didn’t go as planned, they are definitely prepared to make improvements the second time around.


There were also all kinds of controversy regarding the players involved as well. One player, Kevie1, was part of the winning team in the Summer Skirmish. While proficient in Fortnite, he used to play Counter Strike: Global Offensive professionally, under the name KTrain. He was allegedly involved with cheating scandals and was banned from playing competitively in 2014. Kevie1 has addressed the allegations made towards him before but community reception towards him has been sour.

Though it may have been a very rough start, Epic Games is not one to back down. They have since announced a second week of Summer Skirmish, happening this weekend. With all the drama surrounding last week’s skirmish not going so well, they’re hoping for a better outcome this time around. We’ll see how that goes when the Fortnite Summer Skirmish starts tonight at 1am for us here in Malaysia.

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