The Fan-Made Uncharted Film Starring Nathan Fillion Walks Into History Of Malaysia

By Intan Mawarni on Jul 17, 2018

Oh, crap. Looks like Sony has to step up their game to surpass this gorgeous Uncharted fan film. After the nonstop Uncharted teasers including a map and a picture of the rapper Drake from Nathan Fillion’s Instagram, the cat is finally out of the bag (or shall I say, kitty got wet?) as Fillion is finally our Nathan Drake in the new Uncharted fan film.

Although the fan film was recently uploaded by the director Allan Ungar this morning, the video has surpassed more than 1 million views on YouTube and Uncharted fans (including myself) have been raving about this fan film particularly about Fillion, who has always been the number one casting choice for Nathan Drake since the first Uncharted game came out due to his uncanny resemblance to the titular treasure hunter.

The 15-minute live action movie opens up Fillion channeling the charming globe-trotting adventurer tied down to a chair, beaten up and interrogated over stolen treasure while cracking jokes along the way. Eventually, Drake manages to free himself using a snapped metal arrow from his compass and breaking into fisticuffs before discovering an office filled with treasures, which piqued the interest of our historian.

Nathan discovers that the lost Portuguese galleon, Flor de la Mar that carried the stolen treasures worth RM6.6 billion sunk in the bottom of the sea in the letters
Nathan discovers that the lost Portuguese galleon, Flor de la Mar that carried the stolen treasures worth RM6.6 billion sunk in the bottom of the sea in the letters

Inside the office is where it gets interesting. He whispers breathlessly about the whole stack of letters from Ferdinand Magellan to Afonso Albuquerque that dated back from the conquest of Malacca (Melaka) about Albuquerque’s travels on the treasure-filled ship Flor de la Mar, which you can visit the Maritime Museum in Malacca to see the life-sized replica of this ship. His face brightens up and becomes so fascinated by the lost ship but it doesn’t last long when the bad guys are coming after him.

Heads up!
Heads up!

To say this is a fan-made film is an understatement as the short film presents high production values especially the beautiful tracking shot of Drake’s behind-the-back perspective in the game seamlessly transitions into the live-action fan film. Even the Naughty Dog animator is impressed by this shot. Despite there being no iconic wall climbing or longer gunfights, the live-action version still remains Nathan’s one-liners as he takes down one of the gang members and fleeing the villa together along with Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan (played by Stephen Lang) to meet Elena Fisher (played by Mircea Monroe) on a remote hilltop.

Following the reveal of the fan film, Fillion offered his gratitude and thanks for all involved for making his dream to become Nathan Drake came true, albeit in a short while. A number of Naughty Dog people including the director of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Neil Druckmann and the creator of Uncharted series, Amy Hennig commended this fabulous fan-made film. Not to mention, the voice actor himself, Nolan North also jumped in the hype train.

Uncanny resemblances of Elena and Nathan
Uncanny resemblances of Elena and Nathan

The only downside is this could be the only Fillion-Drake remarkable portrayal that fans can get to see. Sony Pictures announced last year that Spider-Man star Tom Holland is about to take the helm as Nathan Drake in an unnamed live-action Uncharted film. Honestly, I hope to see Fillion reprising Nathan Drake in a longer period or maybe, become the star of a Netflix show. Who knows, right?

For Uncharted fans, from the scale 1 to OH CRAP, how excited are you when you see Fillion as Nathan Drake in this fan film? Share us your thoughts in our Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for cool gaming videos.

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