The Evolution of Black Panther in Video Games

By Dale Bashir on Feb 26, 2018

Black Panther is a bona fide phenomenon all around the world, Marvel's latest movie has stunned the world with its depiction of Wakanda and the eponymous hero that protects it. King T'Challa has been the Black Panther since the 70s and has not made a video game appearance until the 2000s. While Marvel's flagship heroes like the X-Men and Spider-Man have numerous video games to themselves, let's see how the king of Wakanda came to be in his forays into video games: 

If you go ahead and type "Black Panther video game" on Google, you will actually find that there is a game by Konami called Black Panther. However, instead of Marvel's royal king, you'll that the game stars a literal Black Panther, saving the world for some reason, in a side-scrolling beat-em-up arcade game. Weird.

The Black Panther actually made his debut in 2006's Marvel Ultimate Alliance. As a game that brings every hero from the Fantastic Four to Ghost Rider under one game, T'Challa had to make an appearance in all his glory. By collecting all of his figurines, scattered about the game's many levels, you'll soon unlock him. Special teams can be formed when pairing up heroes, Black Panther could form the Agile Warriors team, which included himself, Spider-man, Elektra, Deadpool amd Daredevil. The Classic Avengers team which is formed when paired up with Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. The funniest team would be the Double Date team which is what you get when you have Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Girl, Storm and T'challa in a single team.

Soon after, Ultimate Alliance 2 was released and naturally T'challa was included in it as well. Though instead of being a secret character like in the first game, he was relegated to DLC character, with players having to pay money to play as him. He did impact the story however, as he did not pick aside in Captain America and Iron Man's civil war against each other, and in the end he provided Wakanda as a base of operations for the heroes before the final mission.

After that, Black Panther makes a cameo in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, appearing in his wife Storm's ending. T'challa and Storm stand on a cliff overlooking Wakanda, with Storm pondering on whether they are doing the right thing for the world. Like any good husband, T'challa reassures her that as long as they have Wakanda and with his love, he'll always be by her side. Now I definitely want Halle Berry's Storm to hookup with the MCU Black Panther.

Lego games are up next, and the Black Panther sure does appear in all of them. In Lego Marvel Super Heroes, he appears alongside his brand new cat sidekick, Mr. Tiddles. The MCU version of the character appeared in Lego Marvel Avengers, alongside Lego versions of the MCU heroes. And most recently, in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2, not only does he return with Mr. Tiddles, but Wakanda is a major part of the hub world and there's even a Black Panther DLC add-on that allows for even more Wakandan goodness in the game. The DLC also includes Killmonger in his gold Black Panther outfit.

Black Panther was one of the few lucky Marvel characters that go a figure in the 3.0 wave. Appearing in the classic Disney Infinity style, players could use T'Challa to build and create their own levels in the game, while levelling him up to access new skills. This now defunct game, was also the only game where you could team-up Black Panther with Donald Duck, you know, if you're into that sort of thing...

And finally, the glorious king makes his official fighting debut in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, as DLC of course. He is lightning quick with his claws, swiping foes at will. This iteration of the character becomes the king of Valkanda, a fusion of Wakanda and Monster Hunter's Val Habar. He helps the heroes by giving them the Time Stone, one of the powerful Infinity Stones, which allows them to undo the fusion of their worlds and defeat Ultron and Sigma. T'challa works well with the Monster Hunter, due to their worlds colliding, which is a fitting team-up that no one expected.

With that, we conclude Black Panther's history throughout video games. We expect to see more of him after breaking ground in his own film and appearing in the upcoming Infinity War.

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