The Doctor Makes a Trip to PC and Smartphones

By Dale Bashir on Oct 3, 2017

Doctor Who's latest iteration is starring in his own video game in Doctor Who Infinity. The game is developed by Tiny Rebel Games in collaboration with the owner's of the Doctor Who property, BBC Worldwide. The game is also a sequel to the previous free-to-play mobile Doctor Who game, Doctor Who: Legacy which starred the Matt Smith version of the character. Doctor Who Infinity will star Peter Capaldi's take on the Time Lord and his partner Missy is a brand new adventure.

The Dalek Invasion of Time will be the first adventure the Doctor will go through in this role-playing puzzle adventure. Subsequent episodes of the game will feature the Doctor facing other classic Doctor Who villains. Like its predecessor, the game is a match-three puzzle game with role-playing elements, similar to Puzzles and Dragons. The main draw of the game will be all-new story based campaigns written by writers of the show. Players will get to take the Twelfth Doctor and his party of companions as they go through the story and solve puzzles to progress.

More info on the game will be released soon, for now, fans of the show can check out Tiny Rebels' website for more information. The game is set to release in the Spring of 2018 and will hopefully tide fans over before the coming of the Thirteenth and the show's first female Doctor to grace TV screens


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