The Cheapest Game Credit Deals Among Local Mobile Providers

By Intan Mawarni on Jul 6, 2018

Malaysia is home to 31 million people with over 20 active million smartphone users. Based on a survey conducted by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), 75.9% of Malaysians own at least one smartphone that they use daily. In 2017, almost all Malaysians (94.7%) are using smartphone to access Internet on-the-go.

As smartphone users grow with the help of the Internet, so does the booming mobile content services like games and social media apps. We can easily use our smartphone to play games and share winnings on social media at your fingertips, everywhere you like. This made possible by various mobile internet subscriptions from our local mobile providers such as Maxis (Hotlink), U Mobile, Celcom (XPAX), Digi, Tune Talk and more.

Without a doubt, the combination of smartphone and Internet has changed the landscape of video games, especially on how gamers make their in-game purchases. So, it’s not surprising that every Malaysian mobile operator strives to bring the best value for game credits.

In this article, we compare five telco companies: Maxis (Hotlink), U Mobile, Celcom, Digi, Tune Talk and XOX Mobile to see which mobile operators provide the cheapest game credits by focusing on three different platforms: PC (Steam), PlayStation Network and mobile games. Let’s find out!

Steam Wallet Codes


To understand how big the PC digital distribution platform Steam is, every local mobile provider in Malaysia has a Steam Wallet Code top-up in their service. Boy, they weren’t kidding of naming Steam as “the ultimate entertainment platform” in their About page. Each local mobile provider has their own different permutations in every top-up value. We have laid it out for you the general cost for Steam Wallet codes for six mobile providers as follows:

Phew! That’s a lot of numbers, isn’t it? Don’t worry, we have our calculator ready. To see which one is worth the price, we divided the cost of the Steam Wallet code to see how many Ringgit you will spend in exchange for 1 Steam Wallet credit. For example, we take the cost of RM10 and divide it with the RM8 Steam Wallet code from Hotlink to see how much does an RM1 Steam Wallet code is valued. With that in mind, check out how much RM1 is for every Steam Wallet code you buy from these mobile developers:

After crunching the numbers, Celcom, Digi and XOX Mobile have different costs depending on the value you buy, but the cost gets lower when you spend on a higher Steam Wallet value. If you get a higher Steam Wallet value, you’ll save a lot of money especially for Celcom since RM5 Steam Wallet costs you RM10, which is double the price compared to other mobile providers. Hotlink, U Mobile and Tune Talk retain their cost for all Steam Wallet values.

Based on the calculations above, the mobile provider you should choose when it comes to Steam Wallet Code top-up goes to Tune Talk for the cheapest margin cost of RM1.20 no matter which value they have.

PlayStation Network

While Steam is definitely famous among gamers, the PlayStation Network is quite synonymous with Malaysian gamers, especially to those who own the consoles like PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. However, not all mobile operators offer PlayStation Network (PSN) credits top-up service. Similar to Steam Wallet Code, PlayStation Network credits also vary in U Mobile, Celcom and Tune Talk. Here are the standard prices of PSN credits for these three mobile providers:

By following the same calculation as above for Steam Wallet codes, we are going to apply the same method of dividing the cost according to PSN credits from each mobile providers. So this is how much it costs to get 1 PSN credit:

U Mobile and Tune Talk offers the same PSN credits top-up value but the price of getting PSN credits varies. U Mobile appears to be cheaper than Tune Talk, though the price is roughly the same for the RM100 credit. For Celcom users, you are limited to only two PSN credits value and the cost per Ringgit is pretty much the same. In this category, Celcom provides the cheapest PSN credits compared to the other two, although the value you’re getting is really odd (it’s not even RM50, it’s RM42!).  

Despite Celcom having an affordable offer on PSN credits, only U Mobile and Tune Talk allow their customers to acquire PlayStation Plus; either for a quarter or a year subscription. Without a doubt, Tune Talk offers the cheapest PS Plus subscription for their users. You can check the difference based on the table below:

Mobile Games


For mobile games, especially for Arena of Valor (AOV) players, Digi offers free monthly or weekly Internet plan to play AOV if you are a Digi Prepaid subscribers. In terms of Garena in-game credits, you can top-up Garena Shells using several providers like Digi, U Mobile and Hotlink.

Moreover, those three mobile providers also include Mobile Legends Bang Bang in-game Diamonds purchase. However, the service can vary in accordance with the denomination of diamonds. For example, 1,084 Mobile Legends diamonds cannot be bought by Digi users but U Mobile and Hotlink users can purchase that value.


So, we did the math! To round it up, Tune Talk users get the best Steam Wallet codes and Celcom users can enjoy a better value of PSN credits. If you’re a big fan of AOV, you can play AOV to your heart’s content because you could subscribe for Digi’s free monthly or weekly Internet plan. As for AOV and Mobile Legends in-game credits, players can easily reload using the three mobile providers: Digi, Hotlink and U Mobile.

For all it’s worth, this article is to merely show the comparison between multiple mobile providers to purchase game credits in two major platforms: Steam, PSN and several mobile games in Malaysia. If we missed out on any mobile provider that offers the same game credits service as stated in this article, let us know through our social media such as Facebook and Twitter. To watch more gaming videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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