The Biggest Games of May 2017

By Melvyn Tan on Apr 24, 2017

Image source: Injustice 2 official website
Image source: Injustice 2 official website

The month of April still has several big games bound for release before the month ends, but there’s nothing wrong with looking ahead and seeing what the next month has to offer, right? And so we take a look at May’s important game releases, which aren’t many, but all look to have the potential to make a good name for themselves upon release. One of them, in particular, is likely to be a critical darling while another seems certain to be a big hit.

Let’s check them out.


Release date: May 5

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC

You are Morgan Yu, a scientist who can be male or female depending on your preference, and the Talos 1 space station you’re on is overrun by black, icky aliens. Lucky for you/Yu however, an assortment guns and special abilities are available for you/Yu to fend off the hostile lifeforms as you/Yu explore the station in search of clues and the truth behind the events.

Protagonist surname full of pun potential aside, Prey aims to deliver an experience that’s beyond that of a straightforward shooter. Think games like System Shock, BioShock and Dishonored, where the game’s systems interact in ways that make the game world feel less of an artificial construct and something believable instead.

It’s also a game that lets you/Yu transform into a mug, or a turret if you fancy something deadlier. Creative minds should get a kick out of the game’s abilities, while everyone should enjoy tailoring Yu’s arsenal to their respective playstyles.


Injustice 2

Release date: May 10

Platform: PS4, Xbox One

Following the defeat of a tyrannical alternate universe Superman in the first game, that universe’s Batman and his allies have to deal with those who want to restore the Man of Steel’s regime as well as a new supervillain faction lead by Gorilla Grodd. Things become a bit more complicated when the recently-revealed Braniac and his tentacles arrive to cause more trouble for this alternate Earth’s inhabitants.

The gameplay will once again involve a roster of DC superheroes and supervillains beating each other up. Injustice 2’s roster claims to be the biggest DC roster a fighting game has ever offered, and characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash will be returning as playable characters alongside new additions like Deadshot and Atrocitus.

This time around, there’s character customization to be found as well via the Gear system. Aside from making the characters look cool/cooler, each part affects stats like Strength and Health, while sets offer set bonuses.


The Surge

Release date: May 16

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC

The Surge is an action RPG with gruelling combat and an attention to melee battles - something like Dark Souls, essentially. But The Surge is sci-fi rather than fantasy, so rather than battling unsightly creatures in medieval outfits, your character is one who dons an exo-suit and spars with a variety of robots at the complex where he works who’ve gone haywire. What a lousy day at work for the guy.

Based on footage, the combat looks pretty pleasing and satisfying. The game's pretty nice to look at to, thanks to visual design which combines colour and cool sci-fi designs with a grounded feel. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to pimp your exo-suit with various armour and weapon combinations while looting and crafting along the way. Expect to face the environment and giant robot bosses too.



Release date: May 26, TBA for Nintento Switch

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch

An attractive cel-shaded puzzle-adventure set on an island with odd sights and odder inhabitants (balls with legs, for example). You play a young boy who gets shipwrecked on the island, and naturally you’ll explore and learn more about the mysterious place in the provess. Aside from enjoying the view of the island’s lovely-looking ruins, there are puzzles involving “sound, light and shadow projection, perspective, platforming, and even time manipulation”, while secrets and collectibles unravel the boy’s own backstory.

Originally a PS4 exclusive, Rime is now due for Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch as well. The Switch seems like a fitting console indeed on which to explore this relaxing adventure, although it’s unfortunately getting the game later and at a higher price.

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