The Best In-Game Halloween Costumes of 2017

By Dale Bashir on Oct 30, 2017

 Halloween is here and a number of games are celebrating with Halloween costumes of their own. Here are our Top 10 pick for the best in-game Halloween costumes of 2017:

10. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go brought out their spookiest this Halloween. All manner of Ghost-types haunted the game under a full moon, catching any player who walks their path off-guard. And yet there was one Pokemon, one that no one could have prepared themselves for.

It's Pikachu with a witch hat! It's like a regular Pikachu, but with ties to the occult. Though there are better Pikachus with hats, this one gets out number 10 spot on cuteness alone.

9. Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV has done a lot to cater to fans, from all kinds of goodies available to players that harkens back to series' history. Though their usual Halloween offerings are usually okay, they are predictable and nothing to write home about.

This year, they went with a Werewolf attire available for players to win through their All Saints Wake event. So if you're thinking of howling through the night in Eorzea, this might just be the costume for you.

8. Fortnite

For their first Halloween outing, Fortnite offers fun clean Halloween fun befitting of the season. The spooky, cartoony aesthetic is matched perfectly with the zany, zombie-killing gameplay, kinda like a special Halloween episode of a Saturday morning cartoon.

All the usual Halloween costumes are here, you got a Jason Vorhees ripoff, a skeleton man, lazy cat costume and a mummy. The best ones are the two on the right, the Beetlejuice-homage Ranger Battlejess, with her green pompadour and striped outfit, and also the Shuriken Master Llamurai, who wins goofiest Halloween costume in Fortnite.

7. Absolver

This fast-paced action brawler always had a knack for fashionable, customizable avatars duking it out with an even more customizable moveset.  With the game's emphasis on masked characters, Halloween was the perfect festivity to add to the vast array of masks available to players.

6 new masks were added, including an Oni mask, a plague doctor mask, a skeleton mask and our personal favorite, a melted candle mask. All these new additions are frightening and can strike fear in your opponents as you punch the lights out of them.  

6. Smite

Not only soldiers, martial artists and pocket monsters are into Halloween, the gods and deities of Smite are putting on their best for these spooky times. Released in a patch called "Departure to the Afterlife", all manner of ghouls and goblins from all kinds of cultural backgrounds are represented here.

For example, Japanese deities Izanami and Susanoo are both dressing up as a mummy and a Yurei respectively, both being undead beings from Egyptian and Japanese cultures. Definitely must-have costumes for Smite players.

5. Heroes of The Storm

The first out of three games in this list to celebrate the Warcraft Universe's version of Halloween, Hallow's End, Heroes of The Storm's celebration came just in time with the arrival of Junkrat as a playable character in the game. Instead of a Professor Junkrat skin, he gets a hellish demon look in this MOBA.


What's great is that the mounts in this game are all ready to go treat or treating themselves with a variety of costumes just for them.

4. Hearthstone


The only alternate hero for this year's Hallow's End in Hearthstone, Nemsy Necrofizzle is the perfect little Necromancer for all your Hearthstone matches this Halloween. This perky Warlock is only available through the Fireside Gathering event that has been happening for the past month.

Of course, other heroes got into the spirit of things, with Hearthstone's resident mage Jaina Proudmoore dressing up as a witch fitting for the occasion.

3. Vainglory


Who would have thought one of the better Halloween costumes didn't have anything to do with pumpkins or ghosts, Baron from Vainglory gained a truly glorious new skin this month, along with the rest of the cast's new Halloween skins.

Baron had always been a cool, futuristic character in Vainglory, raining hell from above in his awesome mech suit. This new skin takes it to the next level by making him transform into a helicopter to combat his enemies. Truly more than meets the eye.

2. Street Fighter V


Dhalsim is almost unrecognizable as a mummy, Street Fighter's stretchy limbed fighter gets the perfect costume this year. This and twelve other new costumes were all part of Street Fighter V's update this month. Though there were also a couple of schoolgirl costumes and some special skins for Cammy and Chun-Li, the various ghastly Halloween costumes are the clear winners.

Along with all the costumes, a new stage took center stage with pumpkins and candles adorning the level. Another noteworthy costume is with Urien cosplaying as his evil, older brother Gill, complete with flowing locks and skin painted in red and blue.

1. Overwatch


And finally, the best costumes this year definitely comes from Blizzard's immensely popular, hero shooter Overwatch. They knocked it out of the park with Symmetra's Dragon skin and the Zenyatta Cthulhu-inspired Cultist costume. Symmetra's skin really makes her stand out, giving her otherwise futuristic aesthetic a nice hellish and ghastly look.


The always peaceful Zenyatta has always had great seasonal costumes, his new occult costume is really giving the Year of The Rooster Sanzang costume from earlier this year a run for its money. The purple tentacles streaming out of his face and the eyeball-laden necklace is really bringing out the Zenyatta's dark side.

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