The Best Gaming Smartphones in South East Asia

By Dale Bashir on Jul 5, 2018

Mobile gaming is undoubtedly the fastest growing industry in this decade, especially here in Southeast Asia. Judging by the growing number of mobile game competitions happening here and around the world, the love and dedication in developing and playing games on a smartphone will continue to grow.

But it's not just app developers and gamers that will need to step up their game. Smartphone developers will also need to go the extra mile to not only ensure that smartphones are capable of doing the basic functions of text, talk and selfies; they need to be able to support gamers needs as well.

With that in mind, here's our pick for the top gaming smartphones in Southeast Asia! We will be updating this regularly, so keep an eye out for this page or even bookmark us!

Honor 8 Pro

Retail Price: RM1,999


Screen Size: 5.7 inches

Battery Power: 4000mAh

If there’s ever a phone well known in the gaming smartphone industry, it’s this one! The Honor 8 phone was the Official Gaming Phone of 2017 Mobile Legend tournament, and was boasted as highly recommendable by multiple esports pros.

As expected, the gaming experience on this mobile is incredibly smooth. There were zero difficulties pressing the on-screen buttons and overall, there’s little to complain about when playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on the Honor 8 Pro model. PUBG Mobile also ran smoothly on this phone so that’s a plus!

However, the same smoothness and touch sensitivity were MIA for Injustice 2. For example, as shown in the above screenshot, I was supposed to slide the Wonder Woman card towards that empty slot in the top right corner of the screen. Despite multiple attempts, the card stubbornly did not budge an inch. Thankfully, after a few frustrated tries, I succeeded in sliding the card to the empty slot. When fighting in the game, I experienced some ‘delayed actions’ and the phone did heat up the phone quickly, which is a letdown as the phone does boast to have no lagging during the gaming experience. It’s important to note though that Injustice 2 is a heavy game with a large file so these issues may be tied to such factors. This means that Honor Pro 8 isn’t a suitable device to play heavy duty games, though it can run most games without any issues. 

With a 5.7 inch display, this phone’s large screen is fit and comfortable for gaming and users who like to read on their smartphones.

Overall, for a mid-range model, Huawei’s Honor 8 Pro is a sleek-looking decent phone (the camera’s only 12MP though) and works fine in all other aspects (internet browsing, social media busybodying etc), besides gaming, though the phone did heat up quickly. However, with a price tag of nearly RM2K, it will face stiff competition from other less-pricier models such as the popular Oppo lineup.

For more info on Honor 8 Pro’s specs, click here.

This unit was reviewed by Lim Yue Lynn.

Samsung S9+

Retail price:

Samsung Galaxy S9+ – 64GB

RM3799 (RRP)

Samsung Galaxy S9+ – 128GB

RM3999 (RRP)

Samsung Galaxy S9+ – 256GB

RM4399 (RRP)


Screen size: 6.2 inch

Battery power: 3500mAh

The Samsung S9+ is the latest in Samsung’s line of smartphones, it’s elegant and the perfect choice if you’re looking for a new phone. Suffice to say, the S9+ really blew us away. Not only is it a pretty good phone, it’s also the perfect phone to play the best games on.

We tried out a handful of games on the S9+, ranging from the most popular games, to games that require a pretty high spec to run on. Sporting a   6.2" Quad HD+ Super AMOLED screen, with 10nm 64-bit Octa-Core Processor, the screen resolution and processing power of this phone is hard to beat, making it a no-brainer when it comes to playing games on it. It also comes with 64GB of memory built in, perfect for starting out and can definitely be upgraded even further.

The first thing you’ll notice when playing a game on this phone is the endless screen, it’s curved all the way to the edges. Any game playing in Full Screen Mode looks absolutely great, the colours are great, and the frame rate is smooth. Playing games like Asphalt 8 or PUBG Mobile is a breeze on the S9+.

With all the bells and whistles within the phone, the S9+ can really keep up with games with high GPU requirement. The new Dragon Ball Legends game is a testament to this, the game features a pretty demanding graphical style, with the entire game being in full cel-shaded 3D, the characters also move in full 3D for most of the fights, and attacks being rendered in all its exploding glory, a game like this really shows off the S9+’s prowess.

While the S9+ makes sure your game looks good, it also makes the game sound even better. The S9+ has amazing, built-in stereo speakers, powered by Dolby Atmos which is the same kind of speakers you get in cinemas. Games like The Sims Mobile or PUBG Mobile is accentuated with the speakers. You can hear every movement and attack clearly in Mobile Legends through the speakers alone. With speakers like these, you really put the Bang Bang in Mobile Legends.

Other quality of life enhancements that come with the S9+ includes audio equaliser that can be customised to individual games. The sensitivity of on-screen buttons is perfect, giving more control for games that require precision. The phone’s shape and curved edges make it ideal for two-handed use, and no physical buttons makes it perfect for games. Lastly, the fast charge feature is steady, making for longer battery life and more game time.

For more info on the Samsung S9+, check it out right here.

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