The Best 3DS and 2DS Announcements Made in Today's Nintendo Direct

By Dale Bashir on Sep 14, 2017

The Nintendo Direct has come and gone, with that Nintendo has made announcements on new games and hardware, some very surprising and some pretty obvious. No matter the case, Nintendo is always bringing the goods when it comes to their Nintendo Directs, here are the best announcements they made for their 3DS line of systems:

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Though more people would rather have the new Switch Pokemon game to be released instead of this, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon seems to be a good time and a good update to the originals. This time around, a third Legendary Pokemon has come to wreck havoc on Alola by fusing himself with either Solgaleo or Lunala, depending on the game. 

The new Legendary, Necrozma, is making his starring debut, wreaking havoc between dimensions and having two new forms, Dusk Mane and Dawn Wing. With him being front and center of this game, he is definitely getting better treatment than Zygarde ever did. Along with Necrozma comes new places to go, new Pokemon and Ultra Beasts that will surely change the meta-game for next year's professional Pokemon leagues. Definitely, pick this up especially if you missed the original Pokemon Sun and Moon.


The Dead Heat Breakers

The sequel to 2012's Dillon's Rolling Western, The Dead Heat Breakers stars the eponymous Dillon the Armadillo in a brand new adventure. The original game was a 3D tower defense-RPG that had players control Dillon as he protected towns, explore the world for resources and battle his way against hordes of enemies. This new game stars an older and gruff looking Dillon with an upgraded move set. 

Originally he had to roll and use his claws to attack enemies, now he's equipped with two guns that allow him to roll at fast speeds like a motorcycle. This provides a new form of game type where Dillon has to go on high chase battles against enemies. Dillon is also joined by the player's Mii as players can create a new furry avatar to provide extra gun support for Dillon in battle. So far only the Japanese trailer was released, with a Western release soon hopefully.



New 2DS Models


The New 2DS XL has always been an amazing looking piece of hardware. Now Nintendo gives us two more designs to choose from instead of the normal neon blue one. We now have a stylish Poke Ball Edition 2DS XL and a nice orange and white colored 2DS XL that provides a nice contrast against the neon blue. 


Remakes and Ports 

Metroid: Samus Returns releases tomorrow and is not the only remake to arrive on the 3DS in the upcoming months.

First, we have Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, an enhanced port of the DS original, makes its way to the Nintendo eShop in November 2017.

Secondly, we have 3DS ports of Pokemon Gold and Silver for people to relive their Gameboy Colour adventures on new hardware, these two releases on the 22nd of September.

Next is Mario Party The Top 100 that features the top 100 best Mario Party games from across the series, all available in one game cartridge and available to be played with 4 players across 4 3DS or 2DS systems to recreate that couch party feel of the previous Mario Party games. Mqrio Party Top 100 arrives on November 10th 2017.

Lastly, is  Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, a complete remake of the original Gameboy Advance RPG classic with updated visuals, a brand new game mode starring Bowser's minions and Amiibo compatibility. This RPG releases on October 6 2017.

A New Profesor Layton Game

The seventh game in the series brings a new protagonist into the fray, the original Professor Layton's daughter: Katrielle "Kat" Layton. Like her father, she is a shrewd and resourceful detective that must uncover the mystery behind her father's disappearance and unravel the Millionaires Conspiracy. Players can enjoy all the puzzles and mystery solving of a Layton game with a brand new protagonist. Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy arrives on October 6th 2017.

A Slew of Brand New JRPGs from Atlus


Alliance Alive, Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey Redux and Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology all look like perfect additions to get your JRPG fix on the go. In addition to all that, the Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth demo is live now for players to get a taste of whats to come.

Kirby Battle Royale and Kirby 25th Aniversary Poll

The Kirby series now stands toe-to-toe with Mario and Zelda as one of Nintendo's top franchises. The Kirby hype train keeps on rolling with the release of Kirby: Battle Royale, a four player all-out battle to be the best Kirby out there. Players get to choose their Kirby and their favorite Copy Abilities to battle it out in online matches. There is also a Story Mode to boot and looks like a ton of fun. To coincide with Kirby's 25th Anniversary of being a gaming icon, Nintendo is holding a poll for Kirby's best Copy Ability, the winner of the poll will have its own custom 25th anniversary theme for the 3DS and might just be added to the full game too! Vote now here. 

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