The Art of God of War Hits Shelves On 24th April 2018

By Yue Lynn on Apr 23, 2018

The much-talked-about God of War was only released last Friday but it’s already one of the best games of 2018. Fans may have waited 8 years for this game but Santa Monica Studio definitely made it worth the wait and money by releasing a critically-acclaimed masterpiece that even garnered congratulatory posts from other game companies:

The love is definitely mutual:

Clearly, a lot of fans can’t get enough of God of War so fortunately for us Dark Horse has our backs by publishing the gorgeous game’s equally gorgeous artbook, The Art of God of War:

Image Credit: Dark Horse Books
Image Credit: Dark Horse Books

The 224-page hardcover which costs USD39.99 (RM 156) will be released on 24th April 2018. According to the artbook’s official description, it will “feature behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the game and Includes exclusive commentary from the studio behind God of War.”

You can check out more preview pages from the artbook here.

So, any of you be reserving some shelf space for this artbook?

All images are courtesy of Dark Horse and Polygon.

God of War is currently available on PlayStation.

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