The Alchemist Code Teams Up With Final Fantasy XV For A Collaboration of Royal Proportions

By Jasmin on Jul 2, 2018

From July 5th to August 1st, fans of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV will get the chance to see their favourite group of boys in the upcoming collaboration with gumi Inc’s popular mobile strategy RPG game: The Alchemist Code. The event brings the boys of Eon into the world of Babel, as Noctis and his companions try to escape the ruthless Magitek Infantry of the Imperial Army.

Logging-in during the collaboration period will grant you a Prompto summon for free! Players will also get the chance to summon Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis and Aranea during the event and use them to defeat enemies. Iconic weapons and items can be transmuted and summoned during the duration of the event such as:-

  • Noctis’ Sword of the Father
  • Prompto’s Camera
  • Ignis’ Zwill Crossblades
  • Gladiolus’ Hardedge
  • Aranea’s Stoss Spear

Yup that's the one! Image credit: FFXV Wikia
Yup that's the one! Image credit: FFXV Wikia

Exclusive FFXV Jobs will be available and can be levelled up by transmuting and equipping special Job Equipments like:-

  • Prompto’s Glove, Bandana and Fatigues
  • Noctis’ Fatigues
  • Gladiolus’ Fatigues
  • Ignis’ Fatigues
  • Aranea’s Helmet

Special Challenge Missions will be released during the event and players will get the chance to obtain special rewards like Soul Shards to limit break the Final Fantasy XV characters.

Keep an eye out for more information on the collaboration event on The Alchemist Code’s official website, Facebook and Twitter pages!

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The Alchemist Code is free to play and is available to download through the App Store, Google Play and on the Amazon App Store (in-app purchases available). All assets were provided by gumi Asia.

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