The After Five Gaming League Wants YOU To Merge Work Life and Video Games!

By Jasmin on Jul 2, 2018

OnFlame has partnered with Predator Gaming (Acer Malaysia) and Nvidia GeForce to bring the After Five Gaming League (A5GL), Malaysia’s first ever corporate eSports league! This event was created for the competitive gamers out there working corporate jobs, giving them the opportunity to represent their companies in a gaming league and the chance to win a part of the RM30,000 prize pool.

Starting from July 7th to 29th at The Pantheon, the A5GL will hold leagues for four popular gaming titles ranging from sports to mobile games: FIFA18, CS:GO, DOTA2 and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). Each of the four titles will have its own week to themselves, so keep an eye on their schedule to make sure you know when your preferred title’s competition will be held.

Registration for FIFA18 and DOTA2 ends this Friday (July 6th) so if you’re interested in signing up, quickly do that here. Qualifiers for DOTA2 will be held this weekend (7-8th July) while the finals will be held concurrently with the FIFA18 finals on 14-15th July.

Those interested in signing up for CS:GO or MLBB can do so here (registration ends July 20th). CS:GO qualifiers will be held in two weeks (21st-22nd July) and finals will be held alongside MLBB’s during the weekend of the 28th.

Here’s the full schedule:-

Date Event
7th July 2018 DOTA2 Group A Qualifier
8th July 2018 DOTA2 Group B Qualifier
14th July 2018 DOTA2 Combine Bracket & FIFA18 Qualifier
15th July 2018 DOTA2 Final & FIFA18 Final
21st July 2018 CS:GO Group A Qualifier
22nd July 2018 CS:GO Group B Qualifier
28th July 2018 CS:GO Combine Bracket & MLBB Qualifier
29th July 2018 CS:GO Final & MLBB Final


For more info on the After Five Gaming League, visit their Facebook event page here. Good luck and good hunting, gamers!

Let us know down in the comments if you’re looking to join, and don’t forget to follow us over on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for more gaming related goodness!

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