The 7 Strongest Heroes in DC Legends: Battle For Justice

By Dale Bashir on Nov 21, 2017

The Justice League movie was just released last week and has been a hot topic of discussion among tons of comic book fans around the world. One of DC Comics' games on their beloved heroes, DC Legends: Battle For Justice has recently received an update in conjunction with the new Justice League movie. With the update, players get to play the game with the film versions of their favorite Justice League members.

Fans of the game would know that it is a crucial part of the game to make up a team with only the best heroes possible. With that said, here are our top 7 strongest Justice League members that you should have on your team:

7. Cyborg


First up, we have the former Victor Stone, a star athlete in high school who got into an accident and was brought back to life by his father as Cyborg. In the film, he could do just about anything, from turning his arm into a laser cannon to remotely accessing any computer in the world. It's no wonder that Victor holds incredible power in Battle For Justice.

Cyborg is packed with strong stats, with his Gear Strength going up to 915 and his Basic Strength stats totaling up to 352. He's one of the strongest heroes due to his Growth Modifier for Strength going up to 6.3. Adding up to all that is his two primary modes of attack, which are Triangulating Blast and Charged Cannon. They both can deal massive critical damage, with Charged Cannon able to dish out Heavy Damage which leads to Cyborg being able to do 100% critical damage to his enemies. 

6. Batman: Caped Crusader version


Batman has tons of different iterations, stretching across multiple comics, films and especially games. One of the strongest versions of Batman is his Caped Crusader incarnation. He's one of the easiest heroes to gain in the early game. and diligent players will note that with this kind of stats, Batman: Caped Crusader can give quite a punch.

His stats are all-around across the board, his Gear Strength is the same as Cyborg, which is at 915, and his Basic Strength also totaling up to 352. What makes him different from Cyborg is his Growth Modifier for Strength only going up to 5.9. His special attacks also grant Batman invisibility, a buff that prevents any single attacking enemy to harm Batman. His other two attacks are Vigilante Strike, which silences his opponents, and Grapnel Kick, which causes Heavy Damage and also dishes out a +55% critical hit.

5. Wonder Woman: Defender of Justice 


Just like Batman, Wonder Woman has 3 different incarnations of herself with different abilities in DC Legends. One of the stronger ones is the Defender of Justice version. This version is based on Wonder Woman's solo movie incarnation while she was fighting in World War I and before she teamed up with Batman and the rest of the league.

As such, she has high stats with her Gear Strength and total Basic Strength being exactly the same as Cyborg and Batman at 915 and 352 respectively. The difference again lies in the Growth Modifier with hers coming around 5.5. Other than that she has 3 different attacks, all based on her iconic weapons and powers. Those are attacks are Fearless Leader, Lasso of Truth and Amazonian Strength, which deals Light damage to all enemies and stunning them in the process.

4. The Flash

Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, is one of many heroes with that name who have super-speed and super-reflexes. Flash is the perfect character to be brought to life in DC Legends, thanks to his unbelievable speed. He also has one of a kind abilities such as Speed Punch, Speed Force Vortex, Red Streak and One Speed. His two main active attacks, Speed Punch and Speed Force Vortex, have the ability to increase a character's Speed stat.

Statistically, Flash is a notch below Cyborg, Batman and Wonder Woman, even though his Gear Strength is the same as the three heroes. What differs him from the rest is his total Basic Strength and Strength Growth Modifier, which are only at 348 and 5.9 respectively. Naturally, he makes up for all these with his Speed stats being way above the rest at 101.

3. Aquaman: Rider of the Tide

Aquaman comes in two varieties in DC Legends, with the latest one being the Rider of the King Tide incarnation, based on the new Justice League film of course. He is the king of the underwater kingdom Atlantis and can command the tides and talk to fish. He can also live on land and is just as powerful as he is in the sea. His special abilities include Hang Ten, Trident Toss, Splash Zone, Roar of the Ocean and Stronger United.

Looking at him statistically, Aquaman has a significantly different build to the previous heroes as his stats are more balanced and not just Speed or Strength focused. This difference makes Aquaman more reliant on his Stamina and Intelligence stats which go for 1195 and 980 respectively. His Gear Strength and Speed are also balanced, clocking in around 860 and 80 respectively.

2. Green Lantern: Hal Jordan


The Green Lantern Corps. have a surprising amount of members playable in this game. Of course, the most popular and most sought after one would be Hal Jordan. He's the perfect character to act as the leader of a team, as his abilities allow for each of his teammates to be protected from getting stunned. Besides that, he has two abilities, which are Power Gauntlet and Hammer Time, that not only gives out Stun damage but also protects Hal Jordan from Stun.

Just like Aquaman before him, Hal Jordan's Gear Strength and Basic Strength are not as powerful as some characters, he excels in his Intelligence, which is at 410, his HP being 9150, and his speed at 47. His Intelligence stats and Hit Points are what places him above the previous 5, while his Gear Strength and Basic Strength are around 635 and 323 respectively.

1. Superman: Man of Steel


The Man of Steel version of Superman is a popular pick among players of the game. This hero hails from Krypton has a varied skillset. Among them include Super Strength, Heat Vision, Kryptonian Physiology, Impervious, and I'll Take The Hits. Specifically, with his Super Strength and Heat Vision abilities, he can inflict Negative effect damage back to his opponents.

Statistics-wise, Superman: Man of Steel has the same Gear stats as Green Lantern: Hal Jordan. He excels in Intelligence, Hit Points and Speed stats. Consequently, his Basic Strength is much lower compared to the previous 6, with it being 320 and his Growth Modifier going at 5.8. His varied skill set more than makes up for this.

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