TGS 2017: Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Coverage

By Nicolas See Tho on Sep 21, 2017

Continuing our adventures at Tokyo Game Show 2017, we had a sit downwith Ichiro Hazama, and Takeo Jiraoka, who are the producer and director of the latest Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, whereby they provided us with new information pertaining the game.

(From left) Ichiro Hazama, Producer and Takeo Jiraoka , Director
(From left) Ichiro Hazama, Producer and Takeo Jiraoka , Director

First off, would be the inclusion of a new character familiar to recent Final Fantasy players, whereby they are introducing Noctis Lucis from Final Fantasy XV. He will be featured in his full form, whereby the combat system will actually make use of his shift system, while a special feature allows him to use special Dissidia weapons during his attacks.

The next announcement was the presentation of the Ultimate Collector's Bundle for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. While the release date, as well as availability, will not be known until a further time, the Ultimate Bundle will include most of everything from the Japanese Collectors Bundle with the main variance being the season pass. The season pass will allow players to receive all the upcoming planned characters that will be introduced later within the series as DLCs

For more information check out their website here, as well as stay tuned for any public announcements made during the Tokyo Game Show 2017 public days.


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