TGS 2017: Alienware Press Conference

By Nicolas See Tho on Sep 23, 2017

Coming in hot from the Tokyo Game Show 2017, is the latest from Alienware, Dell’s premier gaming platform and updates from the Dell mothership themselves. Alienware has revealed new display units and gaming units while Dell shares some light on their new Dell Inspiron 15 7000 and the all-new Dell Visor mixed reality set.

Chris Stuphern, Global Director of Marketing, Alienware
Chris Stuphern, Global Director of Marketing, Alienware

First up, Alienware provides a short overview on it’s progress in Japan with Chris Stuphen, Global Director of Marketing, sharing a 30% increase in Alienware’s growth in Japan, while he has also stated, that by next year, Alienware is expected to reach up to 1.3 times the growth on PC.He has also expanded on the strong role that Japan has played on the market, whereby various AAA titles such as Dark Souls and Metal Gear Solid has helped improve the gaming industry in terms of innovation and quality.

A modified Area 51 desktop on display at the Alienware booth
A modified Area 51 desktop on display at the Alienware booth

For its first product presentation, Alienware has revealed the latest specs on their latest Area 51 Threadripper gaming desktop, which has been their flagship device over the years. It is fitted with the latest Intel i9 chipset complemented by a 64GB XMP DDR4 RAM all housed in their unique triangular casing. It supports USB 3.1 Type C and supports NVIDIA SLI and AMD Crossfire. It will be available in Japan on the 29th September 2017 and globally on September 27,2017 at an initial pricing of USD$ 3,000.

If you feel the above might be taking a big chunk out of your wallet, then perhaps you might be interested in the new Dell Inspiron 15 7000 gaming laptop. It is fitted with Intel i7 Quad Core CPU and it is also equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce 1060 Max Q. Keeping the device cool is a dual cooling fan system. It maintains the quality of your gaming experience with an anti-glare wide angle IPS display complemented by WaveMaxx Audio Pro speakers. All this within the cheap price of $1,300.


So you already have the gaming rig of choice but are still in need of a visual medium, then take a look at the new Alienware 34-inch Curved Gaming Monitor. It sports a curved 1900R IPS display technology with N-Vidia GSYNC. It provides users with wide angle displays and high resolution gameplay. Its retail price is set at USD 1,500. The Alienware 34-inch Curved Gaming Monitor will be available on the 28th September, 2017.

Chris Stuphen holds up the new Dell Visor Mixed Reality Headset
Chris Stuphen holds up the new Dell Visor Mixed Reality Headset

Next on the list is the new Dell Visor Mixed Reality Headset which provides a mix between AR and VR experience. This device is based on the Microsoft Mixed Reality Platform and it comes with an immersive 1440 x 1440 resolution with 360 degree panoramic viewing. Striving on design and ergonomics, it boasts a well cushioned head and face padding for added comfort while the adjustable wheel helps accommodate any head size. Additionally, the device is tuned with weight balances to take the pressure of the cheek and nose with audio placed around the head for a better experience. This device will be available on the 17th October, 2017 at a retail price of USD$350.


That’s all from Alienware this time, but do check out our continuing coverage that is still ongoing at the Tokyo Game Show 2017. For more information on the products shown above, visit the Dell or Alienware main website.



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