TGS 2017 Coverage: Dynasty Warriors First Looks And Gameplay

By Nicolas See Tho on Sep 21, 2017

Your childhood would probably be incomplete if you haven't played the legendary Dynasty Warriors series, which by the way, has brought the term massacre to a whole new level. Koei Tecmo is known for making their games massive, and the battles even more so, thus during our adventures at Tokyo Game Show 2017, we were invited to try out the new Dynasty Warrior 9.


While we were limited to a 7-minute demo session, we were able to grasp quite a few features from Dynasty Warriors 9, such as the return of massive battles, which in this case is made even bigger due to the open world system which expands the map size monumentally. The historical figures such as Cao Cao, and the famous Xiahou Dun makes a return in this demo, except their novelist has changed over the years. The sneak system has thus far proven to be a bane rather than a boon, as in massively scaled battles, it is hard to pull off any surprise sneak attacks. But this may change as the game offers different maps in the full version.

The AI has been improved as now when we dash to the middle of the opponents armies, they would no longer wait for one of their officers to attack while waiting for you to unleash their massacre rather, this time they will initiate multiple attacks whenever able forcing you to reposition yourself often or face painful consequences, which from our video clearly reveals. Thus far we can see that it has not strayed too far from its original concept which is bittersweet.

As the day progresses, we hope that there will be different maps and characters for the public days, but as for now, this is what Dynasty Warriors 9 offers.


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