Tencent’s New Rhythm Game, Nishan Shaman, Arrives On 19th July

By Dale Bashir on Jul 16, 2018

Mobile giant Tencent Games is bringing a brand new experience for mobile gamers next week! The publishers may be well known for massive multiplayer games like PUBG Mobile and Arena of Valor, but they’re going towards a pretty small scale for this new IP.

Nishan Shaman is a rhythm game set in ancient China where you play as Nishan, a shaman saving a young boy from demons and cleansing evil spirits across the land. Using a ritual drum, you must time your beating to the rhythm as demons try to stop you from cleansing China from their reign.

Inspired by ancient folklore from Northeastern China, the Tale of The Nishan Shaman is the main inspiration behind the game. From the ethnic minority in China known as the Manchu, the inspirations take center stage in terms of the overall design, music choice, and themes in the game. This showcases China’s rich culture beyond the usual dynasties and royal houses, bringing an old tale back to life.

Nishan Shaman utilises a paper art aesthetic, similar to our own Malaysian “wayang kulit”, along with pastel hues highlighting the black puppets, the aesthetic is just sublime. The gameplay has you tapping the screen to the beat of the songs, all while fighting all manner of evil demons that will try to stop you in your tracks.

The game was developed by 6 university students in 5 months under Tencent Games’ “Project Kepler”, their training programs for graduates to cultivate their talents in the gaming industry. The music was also composed by a music scholar of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, making this a collaborative and nationalistic effort from the Chinese gaming community. The game releases App Store for free this week, you can check it out and pre-order right here.

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