Telltale Games Is Back For More Choose-You-Own-Adventure Games

By Dale Bashir on Aug 29, 2019

Rather abruptly last year, the notable game studio, Telltale Games shut down, letting go a number of employees and even some of their games hanging. This includes the second season of their Wolf Among Us game, as well as their take on the Stranger Things franchise. Many fans were distraught by this news, though it seems that things are turning around for this fallen games studio. 

Telltales Games is getting revived by LCG Entertainment, a new company made by game industry veterans, CEO Jamie Ottilie and chief revenue officer Brian Waddle, with the backing of a number of investors and publishing partners. Jamie Ottilie himself has been around the gaming industry for a while now, having worked on video game adaptations of Duck Dynasty and Power Rangers. 

With this new buyout, all of Telltale Games' key assets, trademarks, technology, and select intellectual properties are now owned by LCG Entertainment and we can expect new adventure games set within the Wolf Among Us and Batman franchises. Though previous licenses that were held by the previous iteration of Telltales Games, like Guardians Of The Galaxy and The Walking Dead, may need to be renegotiated if they're looking to make new games based on these licenses. 

Overall, it's great to see a once-great video game studio get another lease of life. Hopefully, we'll see a new Telltale Game soon. 

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