Teemo has recruited Tristana, Fizz, Veigar and Twitch into the Omega Squad in the latest League of Legends PBE 7.15 cycle

By Kurtis Chan on Jul 12, 2017

League of Legends' Tristana, Fizz, Veigar and Twitch are joining Teemo in the Omega Squad as a teaser regarding the four new Omega Squad skins has been circulating the social media lately, and it is now available for testing in the League of Legends PBE 7.15 cycle.

The Omega Squad skins were leaked in the League of Legends subreddit back in May, but Omega Squad Tristana was never on the list.

All of the skins that are on the leaked list has been accurate so far, so we can safely assume that Star Guardian Ezreal will not be a dream after all. Here are the splash arts for all four of the new Omega Squad skins:

  • Omega Squad Tristana

  • Omega Squad Fizz

  • Omega Squad Veigar

  • Omega Squad Twitch

The first champion to receive an Omega Squad skin is Teemo, and it happened way back in April 2015. So, it is about time for the Omega Squad to recruit new members. All of the Omega Squad skins, including Teemo's, will receive chroma packs the instant it is released.

Head over to the League of Legends PBE now if you have access to it and join the Omega Squad in wreaking havoc on the Rift.

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