Tech Review: HP’s GK1100 Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

By Jasmin on May 30, 2018

There aren’t many entry-level gaming peripherals on the market that are affordable and reliable, in my honest opinion. A quick search shows that the most affordable (branded) keyboards are still closer to the RM200 range, and that doesn’t include mice. Imagine my surprise getting a Hewlett-Packard (HP) gaming keyboard and mouse set that actually costs less than RM100! Seemed too good to be true. So I put it to the test.

First off the bat, this keyboard and mouse set looks pretty good considering its price, and they feel quite solid. An added bonus: it is also water and splash proof! The keyboard is backlit to a RGB spectrum and the mouse automatically cycles through the same. The keyboard comes with a sort of matte finish and it’s actually not smooth to the touch as you’d expect from keyboards in general. There is a bit of a rough texture to it, as if it’s coated with a flat stone, but it’s nothing to worry about. In my honest opinion, I actually like this unusual texture. I often found myself mindlessly stroking it when I’m in thought. The mouse, on the other hand, is plain as can be.

The keyboard comes with built-in anti-ghosting so you don’t have to worry about missing any keystrokes. Multiple plays of Bioshock Remastered and a few introductory rounds on Fortnite confirmed that its functional, everything was smooth sailing for me. If you’re like me, someone with long fingers that seem to always press that pesky Windows key, fret not. A simple button-combo will lock the key and allow for hours of uninterrupted gameplay. Your normal volume and music control keys rest along the F-key strip beside a number that I have never seen before, namely the calculator key that sits on F12. An odd button, but I'm sure it will be used some day!

If you’re looking into getting competitive using this combo, I’d honestly say it’s best that you look elsewhere. There are two issue I have with this combo, one being the lack of programmable buttons; and two being the mouse in general. It only scrolls between two speeds, the fastest of which doesn’t feel fast enough to compliment one’s speedy instincts to nail that one important shot to win a match. Alongside that is the lack of side-buttons that I’ve come to discover are really important, now that I’ve had a few weeks of side-buttonless playing. I’d rather play on a controller in that case.

All in all, if you’re looking for a cheap and reliable keyboard and mouse set for just casual play, I would definitely recommend getting the GK1100. Sitting at RM89.90, it does pretty well with what gamers need considering the price tag. But if you’re looking into getting more competitive, I wouldn’t recommend it.

The HP GK1100 is priced at RM89.90 and is available to purchase at most electronic stores and on Lazada. We got our review set thanks to Inter-Asia, the distributors of HP Gaming Gear in Malaysia.

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