Tech Review: Edifier G4 Gaming Headphones

By Jasmin on Aug 16, 2018

Continuing on our quest for affordable gaming gear, we were given the Edifier G4 gaming headphones. While honestly, these headphones could be better classed as mid-range rather than affordable as these are currently priced under the RM300 range. With that in mind, let’s put it to the test.

The G4 looks cool, to be honest, with its metal mesh covering and coloured lights. We got ours in black/green though black/red and white/blue options are available. The headband cushion, inner ear pads and wires are green too, and it looks comfortable.

However, it doesn’t seem very sturdy with its plastic casing and is very prone to fingerprints, so clean-freaks beware. It is also only available with a USB connector so don’t expect to be able to use it with all your devices. The remote control is quite confusing at first, having four different kinds of buttons/triggers with almost no indication as to what does what together with what is an unnecessary headphone on/off button. But no worries, you’ll get used to it in no time.

At first glance, it looks really comfy. The G4s come with thick leatherette ear padding, that’s removable to boot. The headband is padded too, and they’re fairly flexible. The headphones’ ear pads came circular which can be an issue for those with ‘taller’ ears as the headphones can become quite uncomfortable after long periods of use. our reviewer’s “tall” ears so after a little over an hour of usage, her ears became quite uncomfortable. We’re not too sure if they have oval paddings instead, we can’t seem to find any info on that but from what we’ve seen, Sadly, there is no option for getting the paddings replaced with oval-shaped ones as the G4s come with circular padding only.

Despite all that, the thick foam padding and flexible headband meant that the headphones don’t squeeze against your head. So if it wasn’t for that, you could get uncomfortable quite instantly. For someone who wears glasses, this type of headphone design is a big plus.

The sounds comes through loud and clear, with our computer set at volume level 4 and the headphones’ level up to max. It seems that you can only add some bass to the sound with the vibrate function turned on, otherwise it’s quite dull. However, we were sad to discover that while the Xbox controller had vibrated during gameplay, the headphones didn’t. It turns out that the built-in vibrate functionality of the G4s are basically a bass on/off switch, possibly a mistranslation there but we don’t think that’s such a terrible thing to not have.

The mic comes retractable and is flexible which is a plus, compared to one that’s stiff and detachable. You’ll be heard loud and clear, making it sufficient to use for online voice-chat and basic streams but it’s not that great so don’t use these as your main audio recording device.

If it wasn’t for the round ear pads, we’d like these headphones more. Sounds come through loud and clear though it does need a bit more work with bass. Ultimately for gaming and watching videos, it fairs quite well. If you’re looking for a headset under RM300, this is one to put on your list.

The Edifier G4 is priced at RM259 and is available to purchase at some electronic stores and can be found online. We got our review unit thanks to Inter-Asia, the distributors of Edifier peripherals in Malaysia.

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