Team Secret crushes SFT to secure ESL One Hamburg spot

By Kurtis Chan on Sep 25, 2017

Team Secret steamrolled with a score of 3 - 0 against SFT and gained themselves a spot at ESL One Hamburg, the first  Major for the 2017/2018 season. With an impressive run of 14 - 2 after defeating W33ha’s stack (MidOrFeed), Team Secret faced off against SFT-esports for a spot at ESL One Hamburg with a prize pool of 1 Million US$. Here is the rundown of yesterday’s Best of 5 series.

Game 1

Game 1 Line-Up
Game 1 Line-Up

Secret’s Early Game Domination

After a mishap from Yapzor’s Nyx for giving away first blood to SFT, Secret dominates throughout the early game up until 10 minutes into the game by securing 7 kills and 2,000 gold lead.

However, things go awry for Secret when they giveaway multiple kills and a top tier 1 tower to The Radiant. This officially marked the end of Secret’s early domination as SFT started to group up and managed to secure an Aegis for Drow Ranger- Secret didn’t see that coming.

SFT’s Bulldozing Attempt

The kills are dead even at 7-7 with only 2,00 gold lead favoring Secret at this point. SFT’s attempted to bulldozed their way through Secret’s Tier 2 tower with Illidan’s Drow Ranger.

They managed to kill off Midone’s Phantom Lancer and forced Secret to deny their own Tier 2 Tower. This engagement cost SFT’s to lose their Aegis in the process and with their current lead, Earthshaker got his Blink Dagger at 18 minutes.

SFT shifted their attention to the Tier 2 Top Tower, afraid of the late game potential of both Queen of Pain and Phantom Lancer. SFT needed to end the game before these two become a major threat.

SFT claimed the Top Tier 2 Tower after exchanges of few skills without any casualties on both teams. SFT claimed the last tier 2 mid tower at the 26-minute mark and attempting to go onto high ground with their newly obtained cheese and Aegis.

When It All Falls Apart

SFT eagerly awaiting their creeps to break the backdoor protection until they realized that there was no incoming creep wave due to no other than FATA’s Queen Of Pain.

SFT’s high ground attempt failed due to Queen of Pain’s mobility around the map. After cutting off their creep wave, FATA forced Drow Ranger to deny their Bottom Tier 2 tower and he simply just TP away after the ordeal.

Secret successfully defended their high ground with the counter play. SFT had no counter for Secret’s draft at the moment. Unable to secure the high ground and important core kills, SFT decided to secure more farm for the Drow Ranger. During the 32 minute mark, it all fell apart when all 3 cores of Team Secret purchased their Black King Bar.

With Drow Ranger’s brand new Butterfly, SFT attempted to invade the Dire Jungle looking for kills. But Team Secret had the whole 5-man team for this engagement. Secret killed off the Earthshaker first and proceed with a team wipe with their newly purchased BKBs and Crimson Guard.

The Clean Up

At 36 minute, Roshan was contested heavily and Earthshaker managed to land a 2-man Echoslam to both Venomancer and Queen of Pain.

Necrophos followed up with a Reaper’s Scythe after the Echo Slam and Venomancer activated Poison Nova. Both ultimate were wasted as Venomancer was teleported back to base by Chen’s Holy Persuasion and Reaper’s Scythe failed to kill Queen of Pain. SFT’s three heroes lose their lives in this engagement and allowed Secret to claim both Aegis and Cheese, which means SFT had no chance against the massive lead that Team Secret has. Team Secret claimed the first game.

Game 1 Scoreboard
Game 1 Scoreboard

Game 2

Game 2 Line-Up
Game 2 Line-Up

Gets Aegis, Gets Tower or Is It?

Nothing much has happened for the first 30 minutes of the game except for the epic 3-Minute Roshan battle around the pit. SFT’s manage to claim the Aegis at the end and they attempted to push the Tier Two Mid tower.

The fight went smoothly for SFT at first. Thinking that they could claim the tower easily, Midone puts up a fight by deploying Wukong’s Command but eventually fell to the Rubick.

FATA respawned and managed to defend the tower for the time being. Troll activated his Aegis and the tower still stands. Bad news on The Dire side as they have just lost their Top Barracks to Ace’s Anti Mage split push. SFT only managed to gain the Tier Two tower of Team Secret.

Losing top barracks makes it rather difficult for SFT to hold. After Midone got his Desolator on his Monkey King, the damage output was too great and SFT succumbed to Team Secret’s damage output and tower pushing.

Too many Anti Mages, Too Many Illusions
Too many Anti Mages, Too Many Illusions

Game 2 Scoreboard
Game 2 Scoreboard

Game 3

Game 3 Line-Up
Game 3 Line-Up

I Will Be Your Doom

SFT changed their draft to a split-push oriented draft that consists of Jakiro and Arc Warden. Hoping to get a fast tower from Secret, SFT pushed carelessly and succumbed to Puppey’s Bounty Hunter early scout and rotation.

FATA’s Doom had been on point for the whole game, coupled with Bounty’s Track, FATA has been able to chase down any target, shutting down SFT’s gameplay effectively in the early game.

FATA’s game winning Doom on to Topson’s Arc Warden seal the deal
FATA’s game winning Doom on to Topson’s Arc Warden seal the deal

The Anti Mage

Ace’s Anti Mage got his Battle Fury at 13 minutes and completed his Manta Style at the 22-minute mark coupled with a Medallion of Courage. Ace slaughtered most of the SFT’s line-up except for Arc Warden. Proving Anti Mage to be a better Split-Pusher and fighter compared to Arc Warden, SFT’s line-up was crippled and they were unable to push without the Arc Warden’s presence.

And this is how the cookie crumbles, Team Secret swept through SFT with a dominating victory of 3-0.

Congratulations to Team Secret for the triumphant victory. Be sure to catch Team Secret’s match against Mouz on 26 September, 12am Midnight for the PGL Bucharest Europe Qualifiers!

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