Take To The Skies with Vainglory's New Legendary Baron Skin

By Nicolas See Tho on Oct 6, 2017

Fan favorite Vainglory character Baron is getting a full makeover with this new legendary "Fly or Die" Baron Skin. Check out the updates:


  • Transforms into a helicopter while sprinting & Jump Jetting
  • Re-designed cherry-red mech with helicopter nacelles
  • All new air-to-ground missile launcher
  • Checks his rotor while idling
  • Whistling sound for falling Porcupine Mortars & Ion Cannons
  • Zoom! mechanical sounds during Jump Jets
  • Improved Head-Up Display sunglasses
  • Hand-signals to start engines transforms and flies on recall
  • Time Porcupine Mortars during Jump Jets for a sweet heli-flip

If you want to take a quick look at how the transformation looks like, check out the small sneak peek below:

Nicolas See Tho
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