Take a tour of Quake Champions' Blood Covenant arena in this new trailer

By Melvyn Tan on Mar 10, 2017

It's not often that you get three trailers for a game within a span of three days, even if they're not particularly lengthy, but that has been the case with the upcoming Quake Champions. The latest trailer for the arena shooter has guns and gibs like the previous ones, but the main focus is one where the gunning and gibbing are taking place. In this case, it's the Blood Covenant arena.

Astute gamers might probably glean some valuable map insight from the roughly one-minute-long trailer, or recognize its resemblance to the Quake 3: Arena map Camping Grounds. But for others, the website provides a detailed breakdown of the map's sections and what they offer. It's too much info to cram here, but we can share that hanging around in the central hub, Blood Pool, will leave you vulnerable to railgun fire, and that the map contains 15 health items, 3 armor items, 22 cooldown items. Also, its Elder God is Volkerh. Not sure what the significance of the last bit is though.

Currently, the only other map that we are aware of is the Ruins of Sarnath, which offers jungle ruins and a massive chained-up eyeball. It'll get its own video at a later date, but the website already offers a breakdown for it and previous trailers offered glimpses of it.

Two such trailers are the closed beta announcement trailer and the Nyx Champion trailer of the past two days, with the latter showcasing the blue-haired Fathom Agent and her agile and stealthy special abilities. You can watch them here if you missed them, while closed beta sign-ups can be done now at the Quake Champions website. There's no firm date for the closed beta yet, but expect it to begin in the "coming weeks". 

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