Symmetra’s Rework Reveals New Abilities

By Intan Mawarni on Apr 30, 2018

After a change in hero class from support to defense, Overwatch fans are eager to know the details of Symmetra's much needed rework.

In response to the excitement, Overwatch’s lead designer Geoff Goodman shared some of the juicy details of Symmetra’s rework through a response to a fan in a Blizzard’s official forum post.

To make Symmetra a suitable fit in the defense hero class, Symmetra’s specialised sentry turrets are being reduced from being able to deploy 6 turrets at once, down to just 3 turrets. Despite the cutback, the projectiles will be similar to “a Pharah rocket” which cannot be taken down while in air and the turrets now have the ability to stick to walls.

Once the turrets are planted to walls, they will be able to slow down any enemy that passes through while they succumb to increased damage. Moreover, sentry turrets will be much sturdier with 30 HP instead of the current 1 HP.

Symmetra’s primary fire, Photon Projector, will no longer lock-on a target but instead will emit a thick, straight beam with an increased range like Zarya’s beam. To top it off, the developers are increasing her damage over time from the current 30/60/120 dps to 65/130/195 dps. Although the increased damage sounds powerful, the continuous damage will only be dealt to an enemy after 2 seconds rather than the usual one second damage uptick.

Another possible change is that Symmetra will be able to generate ammo by attacking barriers, so heroes with barriers like Reinhardt, Orisa, and the newest addition to the roster, Brigitte, might have to keep an eye on Symmetra’s new ammo rechargeability.

Her alternate fireballs will fly faster as the projectile speed will be increased from 10 m/s to 30 m/s. While her current energy ball would pierce through the enemy, it will be changed to an exploding ball that produces area damage and will also inflict damage to any enemy nearby. Direct impact can deal up to 130 damage so Tracer mains, better watch out for those incoming projectiles.

Watch out for the incoming exploding D.Va's mech once the portal is opened
Watch out for the incoming exploding D.Va's mech once the portal is opened

Symmetra will no longer have two ultimate abilities as the Teleporter will be slotted to an E ability instead (R1 for PS4 and RB for Xbox One), replacing Photon Barrier. The Teleporter ability will open an exit portal up to 25 meters away. Once the exit portal is placed, the entrance will be automatically built in front of Symmetra instead of at the spawn point.

The teleport gateway lasts for a while though with reduced health down to 300, but it can be used freely by teammates as well and now can be deployed at a higher, harder-to-reach ground. So far, Blizzard is experimenting with the new Teleport ability to transport other ally’s ultimates like Torbjorn’s turret, D.Va’s exploding mech and Junkrat’s rip-tire. That looks like it can lead to some interesting plays!

In case you’re wondering about Photon Barrier, it will transform into a full-fledged ultimate ability with a static barrier wall that spans across the map with 5000 health. The ultimate ability placement works like Mei’s Ice Wall which you can place it any range you like and you can adjust the orientation.

With that being said, Photon Barrier will take the place of Shield Generator.

Goodbye, Shield Generator.
Goodbye, Shield Generator.

Although these interesting details have emerged, the developers are still tinkering with the changes for Symmetra to work around Overwatch’s fast-paced matches so all of these details have yet to be decided and some of the ability reworks might not even make it to the final cut.

What do you think about Symmetra’s massive overhaul? Which Symmetra’s revamped abilities that you hope to see in future gameplays? Tell us what you think in our Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to follow us on YouTube for awesome gaming videos.

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