Super Nintendo World, coming soon to Japan

By Sacharrine on Jun 9, 2017

If you’ve ever wondered what it must be like to wander around the Mushroom Kingdom in the Super Mario games, you might not have all that long to wait. Universal Studios Japan seems to be working on a new Super Mario theme park called Super Nintendo World and it is as exciting as it sounds. Move over Legoland and Disney World, Mario’s here!

Initially, news about Super Nintendo World was a bit scarce. Kotaku had been covering the thing for a while now and only bits and pieces of news or pictures seemed to surface. Until now. This trailer video shows us what might be in store for us when the theme park’s fully built and ready. There is the usual Super Mario stuff like Bowser’s castle, a lot of nods to Super Mario like the pipes, Piranha Plants, coins and boxes. But the thing that makes the whole thing more believable is this:

This is a ground breaking ceremony, which simply means that, yes, a theme park’s definitely on the way lovers of Super Mario and that is excellent news! Even better news is that based on  the video? You'll likely even be able to have a real life Mario Kart experience! How awesome is that?

It also brings to mind a lot of possibilities. See, they called it Super Nintendo World rather than Super Mario World. The use of Mario and Luigi in the initial trailer is expected as is the usage of a lot of the Super Mario World stuff. This is because Super Mario has always been Nintendo’s flagship product. It will not be unreasonable to think that we might see stuff from Metroid, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda and Starfox there too. Heck, we might even see some stuff from Smash Bros. There’s been no mention of a date of when the theme park will be ready but there is a chance they might want to get it ready in time for the Summer Olympics which is in 2020.

So, with the Summer Olympic Games scheduled to happen in Tokyo in 2020, it appears we’ll now have even more of a reason to head on over to Japan. If you want to keep up with what’s happening over at Universal Studios Japan, you can follow them on their Twitter to see the progress on Super Nintendo World.


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