Summertime calls for some Lucioball, Overwatch brings back Summer Games

By Dale Bashir on Aug 2, 2017

Its that time of the season for Overwatch in the summer. I'm talking bout new skins, new lootboxes, cracking open a cold one with Mei and the glorious return of Lucioball  Game director, Jeff Kaplan himself made these announcements in a developer update on the Overwatch Youtube channel. Fans have been clammering for the return of this event and now have the chance to relive some of 2016's summer moments and make new ones in 2017. This event will be running for 20 days, starting from the 8th to the 28th of August.

There's a new Legendary skin for Junkrat, all kinds of sports related skins for all the new characters, and even the old Summer games outfit will be available again. Whether players buy them with credits or win them with Lootboxes, all the Summer Games 2017 exclusives are up for grabs, with the old 2016 being available to buy at a reduced cost. Game director Jeff Kaplan also addressed the problems with duplicates in Lootboxes, so players shouldn't worry about that. Good luck to those who didn't manage to get the USA McCree skin the last time around.

The main event of course is the return of Lucioball, the Rocket League inspired football mode featuring 3v3 teams with only Lucios for each and every player. Players must skate, wall run, amp up the competition, score the most points and win. The old Rio inspired arena will now be featured along with a brand new Sydney based field. There will also be competitive Lucioball, for players to test their skills againsy each other, sort of like a Lucioball Premier League. Another notable change is the way Lucio's Ultimate works in this mode, where last year using the Ultimate made the ball go straight to you, now using the ultimate will increase Lucio's stats all around, making him a "Super Lucio" as Jeff Kaplan puts it in the video.

There's still a week until the event starts, so get your best Lucios and get ready for Overwatch Summer Games 2017!

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