Streamer gets banned from Twitch after he got swatted on a plane

By Kurtis Chan on May 2, 2017

One of Twitch's popular streamer, Paul "ICE_Poseidon" Denino just got his channel banned by Twitch after he was escorted off a plane on April 28 2017 after one of his viewer called the airline and falsely reporting a bomb threat by using Denino's identity.

Paul "ICE_Poseidon" Denino is a popular IRL (in real life) streamer in Twitch. He constantly reels in ten to fifteen thousand concurrent viewers whenever he starts live streaming by using a GoPro connected to his iPad. Denino often gets pranked by his viewers thanks to his fame. Some past pranks pulled on him were prank calling stores that he is in or near by to claim that Denino is a terrorist, and even setting off fire alarms in the restaurant he is dining in.

The latest prank pulled by his viewer went overboard as Denino got into a lot of trouble. While waiting to board his flight from California to Arizona, Denino was live streaming from the airport and he accidentally leaked his flight information. His viewer sees this as an opportunity for a good prank on him and decided to call the airline, telling them that there is a bomb in the plane while pretending to be Denino. After the flight landed, a full scale search of the plane was conducted by armed police forces and Denino was escorted off the plane in front of other passengers. The incident was so big that national news outlets in USA covered it as a breaking news and since then Denino has been bombarded invitation from media outlets to conduct interviews.

Upon learning this situation, Twitch decided to shut down Denino's channel due to terms of service violations, which does not exist when the incident took place. Denino also stated that he feels like he is being used by Twitch to test how they should manage the IRL section of Twitch. He will be going through the hassle of Twitch's appeal process to try and get himself unbanned.

Denino will not stop streaming for his followers as he will now move over to YouTube and continue to do 'weird shit' like he always do.




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