Storytime: Kratos the Spartan

By Jasmin on Apr 18, 2018

Kratos is a Spartan captain who finds himself oathbound to the Greek God of War, Ares. In the heat of battle against barbarians, Kratos finds himself near defeat and before the enemy plunges his blade, the Spartan makes a plea to Ares.

Ares! Destroy my enemies and my life is yours!

Ares accepts this plea and chains Kratos to the Blades of Chaos, allowing him to brutally slay the barbarians but bounding him to Ares’ service for life. In fulfilling Ares’ bloodlust, Kratos attacks a village in service to the goddess Athena. While he was destroying the village’s temple, Ares tricks Kratos into murdering his wife and daughter during his frenzy. The village oracle curses Kratos by fusing the ashes of his fallen family to his skin, nicknaming him “Ghost of Sparta”. And in his anguish, he vows to break his blood oath to Ares.


In his journey to redemption, Kratos finds himself in service to Olympus. His agonising decade-long journey to become the champion of the Greek pantheon becomes tiresome. Kratos summons Athena who offers to unbind Kratos from his shame, his unending nightmares and his service to the Gods if he kills Ares, who has been terrorising Athens.

Kratos obliges. He finds Pandora’s Box, becomes god-like, kills Ares and finds out that Athena won’t keep to her word. The gods forgive his sins but refuse to get rid of his nightmares. He tries to take matters into his own hands and attempts suicide but Athena intervenes. She instead brings him to Mount Olympus, into complete godhood and he is crowned the new God of War but is shunned by his fellow Gods.


As the new God of War, Kratos is destructive. And despite warnings from Athena, he joins the Spartan raid on the city of Rhodes. When things seem to be going his way, a great eagle suddenly appears and drains him of his godly powers to reanimate a Colossus and an intense battle ensues. When it seemed that there would be no hope to defeat this powerful Colossus, Zeus offers Kratos the Blade of Olympus to defeat it but there was a catch. Kratos had to infuse the blade with the rest of his godhood. Now a mortal, Kratos defeats the Colossus but is terribly wounded and Zeus reveals himself to be the great eagle and offers an ultimatum: be loyal to the gods or perish. Kratos refuses and is killed by the blade infused with is own power.

As he falls into the Underworld, he is saved by the Titan Gaia and forms a truce. The Titan tells him to find the Sisters of Fate, to alter time and prevent his death so he may exact revenge on Zeus. Once he had succeeded, he surprises Zeus, incapitates him and seizes the Blade of Olympus. Athena once again intervenes, pleading Kratos to not kill Zeus for if he dies, Olympus will be destroyed. In his rage, Kratos refuses and attempts to kill Zeus but Athena jumps in his way and sacrifices herself, allowing Zeus to escape. With her dying breath, Athena reveals that Kratos is her brother and Zeus’ son.

I’m sorry, my brother.


Kratos declares war on the Gods of Olympus and travels back in time to rescue the Titans from defeat in the Great War, and brings them in a march towards Mount Olympus. In the heat of battle, the Titans betray Kratos and leave him to die. While the Titans and the Greek Gods renact the Great War, Kratos goes on a killing spree; taking everyone and everything that has forsaken him to their graves.

When we last saw Kratos, he reigned havok on Greece and left it in chaos. Now, he is up in Scandinavian territory and he is all out of rage. He is now a husband and a father and it seems that his past is behind him, though it is not forgotten.

What happened between the events of this new game and God of War III remains to be seen. Many questions have arisen and these coming days, we will get our answers. Hopefully.

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God of War (2018) is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and will be available April 20th.

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