Steam Summer Sale Begins Today And It Will Bring You To Outer Space

By Intan Mawarni on Jun 22, 2018

It’s a lift off! Steam Summer Sale kicks off officially today. As usual, the Steam sale offers dirt cheap PC games from 21 June until 5 July.

This year’s Steam Summer Sale brings you to intergalactic space with a mini-game called Saliens.

In this game, you are in charge of defending your Deal-tection Station from The Duldrumz, a group who steals all free games and scatters them throughout various alien planets. Here comes the Saliens, which you play as, taking on the battle against the enemies across alien worlds, seize control of the map districts, level up to upgrade your Salien abilities and stand a chance to win free games when you’ve claimed your victory!

On top of that, you will be granted several cosmetic items into your Steam inventory while progressing in the game. Plus, you can get three free trading cards each time you go through your discovery queue to earn a badge for this year’s summer sale.

As for now, I understand that Steam is having a few hiccups because there is no full price listing for games on Steam sale showing up on the main page. I tried to filter it out based on my highlights and recommendations for the deals. Honestly, it’s a bit troublesome because I want to see the overall sale games in one page. Hopefully, Steam can fix this problem as soon as possible.

Here are some Steam summer hot deals I’ve spotted:

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