Start Off Your Gaming Journey Right This Year With Meditations

By Weng Kit on Jan 2, 2019

A brand new year means plenty of new content and games for players, old and young alike to enjoy. While this statement may be true, it can be pretty daunting for players to choose just one from a huge selection of games that will not only be coming out this year, there are still the amazing games that came out last year. As a newer gamer, it’s even harder to choose as you’ll have less knowledge about the world of gaming. Thus, Meditations will be a simple way to ease into the world of gaming for greenhorn gamers.

Meditations is a newly introduced platform that gives you one short game to play every day for the rest of the year without the hassle of choosing just one game from other huge gaming platforms such as Steam and Blizzard Application.

Rami Ismail, the co-creator of Nuclear Throne was inspired to create the project after playing a game called TEMPRES. “It is a simple minimalist puzzle game, and it might have taken no more than five minutes of my time to figure out”.  Ismail also left this comment on the Meditations website, “I left the game both impressed by TEMPRES’ developer Takorii’s clever design, but also by the feeling of having played this short game early in the morning.”

Since then, project Meditations was aided by a crew of curators, developers and supporters. Ismail has also collected custom-made games from over 350 developers - one for each day of the year. Every developer was asked to pick a day that means something to them, or just a random day, and to make something inspired by that day. Ismail explained, “The idea was to create a meditation of sorts, a reflection, or to capture a particular moment”

All the games are supposed to be no longer than 5 minutes and each game will allow the players to explore each creators’ work and thoughts. “Some meditations are light and curious,” Ismail comments, “ Other meditations might be sad or difficult, curious or introspective, personal or playful”.

The first game included in the bundle was TEMPRES, the game that kicked off the project. While the games are only available for a single day and if you miss it then it won’t be playable again that year, the games will be available on the same day the next year and, in some cases, like with TEMPRES, you might see the developer sharing the game they made for Meditations released elsewhere.

If you’re still finding a game to play for 2019, Meditations would be a great choice to start off the year and if you enjoyed the game even for a day, the developers would love to know through their credits or through the hashtag, #meditationsgames.

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