Star Guardians are deployed to stop the Invasion in League of Legends

By Kurtis Chan on Aug 9, 2017

Riot announced a new set of Star Guardian skins for Ezreal, Ahri, Syndra, and Soraka. To celebrate this occasion, a new game mode called Invasion will be heading to the League of Legends PBE and summoners can only play the champions that have a Star Guardian skin in their closet.


Invasion is a 5 player PvE mode on a brand new series of maps. Form a squad of your favorite Star Guardians and, alongside your friends, defend the city from a series of monster attacks.

Players: 5
Map: Valoran City Park
Mode type: 5 player co-op battle
Win Condition: Defeat a series of invading space monsters, culminating in a large Boss Fight.

Game Mechanics

Each game is made up of a series of 7 different encounters, followed by a final Boss Fight against “The Big One”. Between each encounter, you’ll be given a flat amount of Gold and a Level, and will have time to purchase items. Whenever you’re ready to move on, apply a channeling mechanic on the large star in the center of the area. Once everyone is ready, you’ll begin the next fight.

Encounter Types

Encounters come in four major varieties:


  • Simply defeat all enemies: A wave will end as soon as the last enemy is slain.
  • Enemies may come in multiple waves, so killing the last enemy is not guaranteed to immediately end the encounter.


  • Get yourself to the escape point.
  • As soon as one of your teammates reaches the escape point, your entire team will instantly win.
  • Leaving the Star Guardian Protective Shield will cause you to begin taking damage. Damage taken will escalate rapidly the longer you’re outside, so be careful!


  • You and your team are trapped inside the Star Guardian Protective Shield. Hold back the attackers without leaving its confines.
  • Combines the traits of both of the above: Defeat all enemies to progress, but leaving the shield will cause you to begin taking damage.


  • Defeat the enemy boss and restore peace to Valoran City Park.

Invasion is the second PvE game mode after Doombots was introduced many years back. According to the teaser video for the Star Guardian skins, it is stated that the skins will be coming to the League of Legends live servers on September 7. Hopefully, the Invasion game mode will be included in the game as well.

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